What Does the Golden Buzzer Mean on America’s Got Talent?

The Golden Buzzer moments on ‘America’s Got Talent’ are the kind of videos that are most likely to go viral on the internet. The reality series is a talent competition where anyone, regardless of their age or skillset, can use the platform to showcase their abilities. Some performances are so impressive that they get the Golden Buzzer, creating a special moment on stage. As the golden confetti falls from above, the performers look like they are living the moment they have worked for all their lives. However, what does it mean to get the Golden Buzzer? Here is what you should know!

What Does the Golden Buzzer Mean on America’s Got Talent?

The concept of the Golden Buzzer was not something that was always a part of the series. It was introduced on ‘Germany’s Got Talent’ and was adopted by the American edition of the show. We first saw it in season 9. The initial idea behind it was to prevent an act from being eliminated during auditions or serve as a tie-breaker. However, since season 10, the use of the special buzzer has been modified; the participant receiving the Golden Buzzer goes straight to the live rounds. Furthermore, the guest judges could use the opportunity to reward impressive acts in the Judge Cuts.

However, the possibility of earning it is quite rare, considering each judge is only given one opportunity to use the Golden Buzzer throughout the season. Season 11 saw further amendments made to the use of the Golden Buzzer. Along with the main judges, even the host bagged the chance to use the Golden Buzzer, and rapper-comedian Nick Cannon became the first host to do so. The use of the Golden Buzzer has remained the same since the show’s 11th cycle. Typically, nine acts have the opportunity to get the Golden Buzzer each season – 4 from the regular judges, 4 from guest judges, and 1 from the host.

The fifteenth season saw only five Golden Buzzer moments. There were no Golden Buzzers from the guest judges since the Judge Cuts had to be modified due to COVID-19-imposed filming protocols. Even though the Golden Buzzer moment is enough to get anyone recognition, it also has other aspects attached to it. For one, it increases expectations from the performers. If their follow-up acts are not as impressive as the one that put them in the limelight, the fame can fade as quickly as it came.

Additionally, it also means skipping rounds of performances, which translates to lesser time on stage. While this might help for acts that require more rehearsals, for others, it can mean losing out on the opportunity to showcase their versatility and full potential. It might translate to losing momentum in the show’s journey. It is but natural for people to pay more attention to something or someone they see more often.

Lastly, getting the Golden Buzzer does not have any financial implications. All in all, receiving the Golden Buzzer can have both pros and cons, but one cannot disagree that the viral moment it creates on social media lives on for a long time. People come across incredible talent even years after the individuals or groups made their appearance on the series. Most of the time, getting the Golden Buzzer is more than enough to kickstart a new phase in someone’s professional life.

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