What Happened in Aster Dell? Who Killed the People of Aster Dell?

Image Credit: Jonathan Hession/NETFLIX

Netflix’s ‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ begins with a girl named Bloom arriving in Alfea. She is a fire fairy and Alfea is the school where she is to learn how to control her powers. Her arrival sparks a lot of trouble for the school, and most of it happens because Bloom discovers that she knows nothing about her past. Her quest to find out who she is, where she comes from, and who her parents are, leads her to a place called Aster Dell. It turns out that the history of this place is as much kept in the dark by the authorities as her own past.

It is Beatrix who tells Bloom about Aster Dell and that both of them had been there when the place by destroyed by their headmistress. Digging into the past uncovers the dark actions of the people who are supposed to be the good guys. If you want to jog your memory about the history of Aster Dell and what really happened there, then we’ve got you covered.

What Happened in Aster Dell?

Bloom knew that Alfea is located in a place different than the one she’d lived her entire life. This is the Otherworld, a place where fairies and magic thrive, separated from the First World, which is reserved for humans, who are generally unaware of the fairy kind. There are, however, a few humans who have found a way to enter Otherworld. Because they don’t possess magic naturally, they take it from fairies, which usually means sacrifice and murder. These people are called Blood Witches.

Everybody in Otherworld hates Blood Witches, just as much as they hate the Burned Ones. Though no one is willing to go to as many lengths as getting rid of them as Rosalind. When she sets her mind on destroying something, she rarely pays attention to what comes in her path, and she doesn’t bother to find it out if the collateral is an innocent person. She did the same thing in Aster Dell.

Aster Dell was a small village located far from the general fairy civilization. Rosalind found out that it was the village of Blood Witches. She wanted to destroy them all in one go, but she knew that she couldn’t get her people to agree to an unsolicited attack. So she found another way to do it. With the attack of the Burned Ones increasing, Rosalind got them to converge on Aster Dell. She convinced Farah Dowling and Ben Harvey to merge their powers with her and destroy the village.

Rosalind had a habit of keeping people in the dark about the nature of her plans. She doesn’t tell them that people in Aster Dell are blood witches. Dowling and Harvey were under the impression that the village had been evacuated and that their magic would only kill the Burned Ones. It wasn’t until they visited the site post-attack that they saw the remains of the villagers and realized what Rosalind had made them do. When they questioned her, she still didn’t tell them that the people they killed were actually their enemies.

The reason Rosalind kept the identity of the villagers a secret is because she didn’t want anyone else to know about Bloom. She knew that people in Aster Dell had found Bloom, which put them in the position of using her powers, maybe even making them more powerful than her. She didn’t want to take the risk of fighting them face to face, so she decided to fight dirty. She knew that the power of the Dragon Flame would protect Bloom. This was her chance to kill the Blood Witches and take Bloom from them, while none was the wiser.

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