How Did Are You The One’s Alexis Eddy Die?

MTV’s ‘Are You the One‘ season 6 introduced Alexis Eddy, who soon became a fan-favorite cast member because of her charm and innate wit. Besides, while on the show, Alexis even developed a close connection with Keith Klebacher, and viewers believed their relationship would stand the test of time. Hence, fans were all the more surprised when news about Alexis’s death surfaced in January 2020. Let’s take a look at the tragedy in detail and find out more about Alexis’ passing, shall we?

What Happened to Alexis Eddy?

Alexis Eddy stepped into the spotlight with her appearance on the sixth installment of ‘Are You The One.’ Right from the get-go, she won the approval of fans and became a favorite contestant because of her charming and free-spirited personality. Moreover, Alexis and Keith Klebacher felt an instant spark during their first meet and quickly took to each other. For the first two weeks, Alexis pursued a relationship with Keith but soon began looking elsewhere for “the one” and even tested the waters with Ethan and Dimitri. However, talking to the other contestants made Alexis realize how authentic her connection to Keith was.

Therefore, Alexis and Keith entered the truth booth at the end of week 6. Unfortunately, as per the algorithm, they were not a perfect match. Soon after the big reveal, the two began drifting away. Unfortunately, it seems like the world of reality TV negatively affected Alexis’ well-being, as she took to social media and did not hold her criticism back while talking about the season 7 auditions. However, she did cherish the connections she made on the show and mentioned that she was grateful for all the cast members who had supported her throughout filming.

Ever since appearing on TV, Alexis was open about her fight against drug abuse and documented her progress on social media. She posted regularly and even kept her followers updated about the milestones she was crossing. Besides, in October 2019, the West Virginia native revealed that she had gotten engaged to Nate Lee. It seemed like Alexis was wholly committed to the fight and well on her way to recovery, which made the news of her death in January 2020 even more shocking.

How Did Alexis Eddy Die?

According to reports, Alexis Eddy passed away on January 9, 2020, due to a cardiac arrest. She was just 23-years-old at the time of her death. Once the public got to know of Alexis’ demise, messages of condolences began flowing in from different parts of the world. Even the official MTV social media handle, as well as her ‘Are You The One’ co-stars, shared heart-touching tributes on social media.

Although there was a question mark over the cause of the reality star’s death, Alexis’ grandmother spoke with RadarOnline and claimed that Alexis suffered a cardiac arrest because she allegedly relapsed into drug use. However, viewers should note that the police never released an official statement confirming that as a reason for her passing. Losing a family member is never easy, and while Alexis lives on in the memories of her loved ones, we empathize with everyone affected by her death and wish them happiness for the years to come.

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