What Happened to Gry? Did She Leave Ragnarok?

David Stakston & Emma Bones

Netflix’s ‘Ragnarok’ takes place in a small Norwegian town where a teenager discovers that he is the incarnation of Thor. Magne’s powers are activated in the first season, shortly after his arrival in Edda, but his war against the Giant starts after the death of his best friend, Isolde. As Magne becomes more powerful, the Giants, known as the super-rich Jutul family in Edda, find ways to kill him before he kills them.

Besides fighting the Giants, Magne must also focus on his school life. Here, he meets a girl named Gry and develops a crush on her. The problem is that she already has a boyfriend, and it is Fjor Jutul, Magne’s archenemy. Since both Magne and Fjor care for Gry, she becomes important in keeping them in line and not going to war with each other. If you are wondering why she is missing from the third season, here’s what you should know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Leaving Giants: Gry’s Journey to a Fresh Start

In the first two seasons, Gry served as the center of the love triangle she had with Magne and Fjor. She and Fjor were together before Magne came to Edda. However, there were some problems between them. Fjor was told by his family to stay away from him because Giants and humans couldn’t be together. This created a distance between them, and when Magne came along, Gry connected with him. Magne knew the Jutuls were Giants, so he tried to get Gry away from Fjor but failed.

By the end of Season 1, Gry discovers Fjor’s secret when she finds his family’s old picture. Vidar tells Fjor to kill her as she could out their secret and endanger them. However, Fjor is in love with Gry and doesn’t kill her. When Gry discovers the truth, she understands why Fjor has been acting weird lately, and she gives him another chance to fix their relationship. She knows that he loves her, and, Giant or not, she loves him too. So, in the second season, Fjor leaves his family and moves in with Gry.

Throughout the second season, Gry tries to keep Fjor on the straight and narrow, but she worries that one lapse might make Fjor return to his family. He assures her he is done with all their drama and doesn’t want anything with their war with Magne and the other Gods. He stays on the sidelines for a while and watches as his family and Magne are pitted against each other. But then, Magne kills Vidar, creating a power vacuum in the Jutul family.

Image Credit: Christian Geisnaes/Netflix

Shortly before Vidar’s death, Gry’s father dies, too. He used to work at Jutul Industries and got sick due to the poison they’d been putting in the water. After his death, Gry’s mother decides to move away from Edda. They only came to this town because of her father’s job. Now that he’s gone, there is no point in staying there. Her mother’s relatives are in another city, and being close to them would provide her with the support she needs to raise her daughter. When Gry tells Fjor about leaving Edda, he agrees to join her. However, Vidar’s death puts pressure on him to avenge his father by killing Magne.

He tries not to return to that life, but eventually, he realizes he cannot change his nature. He might try to live like a human, but he is a Giant. And now that Vidar is gone, he will have to take over the company as well as become the leader of the Giants. So, he tells Gry he is staying. While she is heartbroken, Gry has no option but to leave him behind. She leaves Edda with her mother to move to another city and get a fresh start. She never looks back at Edda and doesn’t return in the third season as things get more tense between Magne and the Jutuls.

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