What Happened to Linda From Hoarders?

‘Hoarders’ exposes the disturbing trend that several people display, where they are unwilling to let things go. Usually, such behavior has an underlying pathology. The show might seem straightforward, where we see a person who hoards objects, and they are helped to clear out some junk. However, it goes deeper than that. The person has to accept why they’ve been hoarding in the first place, to address the problem adequately. Naturally, hoarders are at all kinds of risks, including unsanitary living conditions. One of the most disturbing cases has been Linda’s. So, what happened to her on the show?

What Happened To Linda?

When we see Linda, we learn that her problem has persisted for a while. However, Linda’s managed to hide things from everyone. Since she didn’t allow her family into her home for years, nobody knew what was up with Linda, but a medical emergency brought the truth to light.

Her daughter was shocked by the state of the house and started questioning Linda’s sanity. Actually, Linda’s house has been one of the most disturbing hoards we have seen. She literally collects junk, including items from a fast-food restaurant. Piles of garbage fill her house, which Linda admits is a disaster zone. The homemaker with one daughter lives in a medium-sized white ranch house. Christmas lights hang across the porch, and the front yard is littered with trash and old recycling.

By the time we see the inside of the house, it seems to be out of a horror film. Family members feel that the house should be torched since it is so disgusting. Garbage is piled in every room, and mice run around as cleaning efforts are underway. Linda is warned that the building could fall off at any moment, and the house is almost a death trap.

The cleaners are taken aback as they encounter old, rotten food containers, trash, and junk, including old fishing nets. There also seems to be a hook protruding from the wall. Broken furniture, old food, and even dog poop from Linda’s pet cover the entire floor. She’s been accumulating junk for around five years.

Since Linda’s problem is extreme and quite disturbing, her daughter tries to get through to her. However, on ‘Hoarders,’ turning a new leaf is all about self-acceptance. Therefore, Linda has to take responsibility for her actions and make an effective change. Luckily, the cleaners do a good job of ridding the house of a lot of trash.

However, the house is eventually condemned as Linda watches. It seems that her life was better when she was taking care of her grandkids. Now that she has to look for a new abode, perhaps the mother and daughter can come to some sort of agreement, which will prevent Linda from relapsing to this sort of lifestyle.

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