What Happened to RJ and Jay on Swamp People?

‘Swamp People’ is a reality television series that airs on the History channel. It documents the lives of real alligator hunters from Louisianna and their thrilling experiences during the alligator hunting season. The show has featured many hunters over multiple seasons. Among the most popular hunters to appear on the show are RJ Molinere and Jay Paul Molinere. The father-son team was an instant hit and continues to hold a dear place in the hearts of the audiences. However, they have been visibly absent from the show in recent seasons, leaving fans to wonder about their whereabouts. If you wish to learn about what happened to RJ and Jay Paul and what they are doing nowadays, here’s everything we know.

What Happened to RJ and Jay on Swamp People?

The father-son gator hunting duo of RJ Molinere and Jay Paul Molinere first began appearing on the Lousiana-based show during its second season. RJ’s tactical genius and Jay Paul’s sharpshooting skills allowed the duo to capture many alligators. RJ is also an arm-wrestling world champion, while Jay has participated in various amateur mixed martial arts and boxing tournaments. The pair had a very spiritual approach towards life in general, and their hunting tactics were derived from their Native American roots. RJ’s expertise combined with Jay Paul’s youthful exuberance made the team fan-favorites.

During their tenure on the show, RJ and Jay Paul also ran into some legal troubles. They were arrested on charges of battery in 2016. According to a report, the incident took place near Bourg-LaRose Highway. The pair of television stars apparently attacked a twenty-four-year-old man near Roland’s Mini Mart. According to the victim, after engaging in a verbal spat earlier in the day, the Molineres followed him, and he was beaten by them. They handed themselves to the police after arrest warrants against them were issued. They were eventually released on bond.

RJ and Jay Paul would regularly engage in wrestling with large alligators in messy swamps, raising the heartbeats of the viewers and earning them many fans. However, the father and son made their last appearance on the show in 2019 during its tenth season and haven’t been seen on TV since. No comments were made about their departure either by the network, producers or by themselves. There has been no confirmation on why the fan-favorite duo exited the series at the peak of their popularity. One reason believed is the aforementioned road rage incident. However, the pair continued to appear on the show for nearly three years since the incident. Therefore, that being the reason is unlikely.

A few cast members were allegedly fired from the show post-season 7, and a similar situation leading to the Molineres’ exit from the show has also been discussed. In all likelihood, it was a quiet parting of ways between the hunters and the network. In the later stages of their involvement with the show, RJ and Jay Paul had begun taking more private bookings for meet and greets, functions, and outdoor shows while also offering private swamp tours. This indicates a desire to pursue other opportunities on their part and likely resulted in them bowing out of ‘Swamp People.’

Where Are RJ and Jay Paul Now?

Since leaving the show, RJ and Jay Paul have been spending quality time with family, as indicated by Jay Paul’s Instagram account. The younger Molinere can be frequently seen hunting game animals with his children. Papa Molinere has been participating in various arm wrestling tournaments. In September 2019, he achieved the impressive feat of winning both left-hand and right-hand Mississippi Arm Wrestling Tournaments. RJ was also inducted into the Louisiana Arm Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2020.

Jay Paul is regularly involved with the promotion and marketing of local businesses and brands through his social media platforms. Among their myriad of activities, the father-son pair continue hunting alligators as well. It might be too soon to talk about them returning to ‘Swamp People,’ but it might be a possibility down the road. For now, RJ and Jay Paul Molinere are enjoying life away from the spotlight. Fans can continue watching the experiences of other hunters on ‘Swamp People.’

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