What Happened to Sierra Six’s Brother in The Gray Man? Theories

Image Credit: Stanislav Honzik/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘The Gray Man’ follows the story of a covert operative named Sierra Six. He is a man who works in the shadows. He is so secretive that the agency keeps no file on him, which means no one knows who he really is and where he came from. The obscurity around his past lends a mysterious air to Sierra Six, which makes the audience all the more intrigued. The film throws some breadcrumbs about his life before the CIA, in which we learn that he had a brother. While Six went on to become an infamous figure in the world of espionage, the film barely talks about what happened to his brother. Here’s all you should know about him.

What Happened to Six’s Brother?

In telling the story of Sierra Six, ‘The Gray Man’ keeps a lot of things in the dark about Court Gentry. Much like the non-existent file about the Sierras, the film keeps his history out of focus, only dropping the information that would allow the audience to trust him. The details around them are left unaddressed on purpose, which is what sets the stage for the sequel in the film. There is, however, enough talk of Six’s past that allows us to have some inkling of what happened to him and his family.

While Six keeps his history a secret, the scars and tattoos on his body give away parts of his story. In one scene, we see cigarette burns on his wrist, and a flashback reveals that they were inflicted upon him by his father. It turns out that his father considered abuse and violence as acceptable methods to prepare his children for the cruelty of the world. They won’t get hurt badly if they’ve been through worse, he believed. As a child, Court suffers brutal acts at the hands of his father, who aims to train his body to get used to pain. He does similar things to Court’s brother, who we assume is younger than him.

It would have started out as small things that the children were forced to bear and get used to. However, as time passed by, their father’s violence started breaking records. It got so much worse at one point that Court feared that his brother was going to die. To prevent that, he decided to kill his father and end this pain. He shot his father dead, for which he was sent to prison. Sometime later, Fitzroy found him and the rest is history. However, this left the question of what happened to his brother.

It is assumed that Court intervened just in time to save his brother from dying at his father’s hands. There is no mention of what happened to their mother at this point, but there is a possibility that she was out of the picture. With Court in jail, his brother would’ve entered into the state’s care. He must have gone into the foster system with all of his family indisposed to take care of him at the moment.

While talking about the Sierras, it is mentioned that Fitzroy chose the people who had no family. The lack of attachment turned them into effective killers. But, if Court succeeded in saving his brother, Fitz must have known about him. In fact, after some time, he might even have helped Court track him down, even if just for closure. From here, the story could have gone two ways. Court might have left his brother alone, happy in whatever life he was living. This would work in his favor because being in contact with his brother would put both of their lives in danger. However, no matter how hard one tries, it is impossible to forget your family. So, there is a chance that Court met his brother and maintained a relationship with him, even if from a distance.

The sequel is expected to expand upon Court’s history and the future of his brother. With him and Claire on the run from the CIA, Six will want to find a place where they can hide safely. For this, he will need someone he can trust. With Fitz gone, his brother seems to be the next best option. Moreover, we don’t know how his brother’s life turned out to be. Who knows, maybe Fitz (or someone else) saw potential in him too and turned him into an operative. If so, Six would have a very potent ally in his brother, which he is in desperate need of if he is to protect himself and Claire from their enemies.

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