What Happened to the Men in Creamerie? How Did They All Die?

The dystopian sci-fi black comedy series ‘Creamerie’ revolves around a dairy farmer named Jaime (J.J. Fong), who lives in Hiro Valley with her sister-in-law Alex (Ally Xue) and friend Pip (Perlina Lau). They are members of a community called Wellness, which has all the appearances of progressive and feminist society with free education, universal healthcare, and maternity leaves.

However, the truth is that Wellness is run by a proto-fascist, authoritarian leadership that brutally punishes all dissenters. Men no longer seem to exist in this world, so human sperm, preserved when things were normal, has become arguably the most precious commodity, with prospective mothers being chosen through the repopulation lottery. When the three women encounter a man named Bobby (Jay Ryan), they start to question their reality. If you are wondering what happened to the rest of the men in ‘Creamerie,’ we got you covered.  SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to the Men in Creamerie?

Early in the series, the audience is told about a devastating pandemic. Eight years before the current events, the pandemic struck, killing about 99% of the world population. The remaining men and boys were quarantined in New Zealand, where the plot of season 1 is exclusively set. The official story is that all of them died as well. Moreover, male children don’t survive birth.

Jaime believes that her husband died in the pandemic along with their son. As the series opens, she is desperate to become a mother again. Even though her number comes up during the lottery, she receives a permanent rejection in the next round. This serves as a catalyst for her actions in the rest of the series.

Jaime and Pip encounter Bobby for the first time when they run him over with their car. They initially think that they have hit Alex. Realizing it’s not the case, they bring Bobby inside their barn and hide him there. It is heavily implied that Bobby was in quarantine along with other men but eventually left with his friend Thomas — who Bobby believes was killed by Hunter — the mysterious woman chasing him. Thomas gave him a SIM card before his apparent demise. When Bobby connects the card to a phone, the latter starts to ring.

Bobby subsequently hears another man’s voice on the other end of the line, instructing him to go to a certain location. Bobby believes that it’s a safe place for men, but it eventually turns out to be a sperm harvesting facility run by Jackson, Jaime’s husband who is supposed to be dead; Lane, the leader of Wellness; and its chief medical officer, Doctor Harvey. A stunned Bobby realizes Jackson and Thomas are the same person.

How Did the Men Die in Creamerie?

The brutal effect of the deadly pandemic has been perfectly depicted in the opening scene, where a room full of young male rugby players suddenly start falling sick and vomiting blood. They are soon taken away and start dying. By day 14, a large pyre is built. When day 30 arrives, only a large mound of ash is left behind.

As the season finale shows, there are other survivors like Bobby, lured to Jackson and Lane’s facility with the promise of a safe place. There, these survivors are attached to contraptions that forcefully make them ejaculate. Jackson knows that the world’s collection of frozen sperm samples is quickly depleting, so he sets up a company to sell a fresh product.

In the mix, there is also the mysterious group to which both Alex’s mother and Hunter Belong. It is revealed that the latter was pursuing Bobby only to protect him. She even seemingly sacrifices her life for Bobby and the others, but they end up in the clutches of Jackson and Lane. They intend to use Bobby like the rest of the survivors, so the primary objective for him and the three women will be to escape again.

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