What Happened to the Rollerworld Money in On My Block?

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Netflix’s ‘Freeridge’ is set in the fictional neighborhood of the same name in LA, which also serves as the location for the events that transpire over four seasons in ‘On My Block’. ‘Freeridge’ is a spin-off that is connected to the original series in such a way that it not only maintains the continuity of its predecessor but also has room to create its own independent storyline which keeps things fresh for the audience. One of the many things from ‘On My Block’ that is mentioned in ‘Freeridge’ is the RollerWorld money. What is it and what happened to it? Let’s find out.

What is the RollerWorld Money?

Image Credit: John O Flexor/Netflix

Like several things in ‘On My Block’, RollerWorld money was just another legend, until it became real when Jamal and his friends found themselves on its very real trail. According to the story, back in the 80s, RollerWorld was a front business used by the street gang, the Prophets to launder their money. One day, two members of Los Santos— Benito and Frankie— decided to steal a huge amount of cash, which is believed to have been around $250,000.

Before Benito and Frankie could tell anyone where they hid the money, they were arrested. In prison, both of them met a violent end, and with that, the secret of the money’s location remained so. Later, however, it is revealed that they had a third partner, named Lil Ricky. He wasn’t arrested for the robbery, but he died a few months after it, which means that the only person who knew of its location was gone too. That is until the Core Four discover a clue that leads them on the journey to find out where the money was hidden all those years ago.

Unearthed and Elusive: Journey of the RollerWorld Cash

After a lot of ups and down, in the final episode of Season 1, Jamal discovers that the RollerWorld money was buried in the football field. He gets his hands on the bag, which is lost for a while when his mom mistakenly gives it away to Goodwill. Jamal and his friends succeed in getting the bag back and find a way to launder it by setting up Money Bunny. By the third season, however, things get more chaotic as the group finds itself increasingly divided. The last character who is seen with the cash is Caesar’s brother, Oscar, who got it back from Cuchillos. But when the argument erupts about who really has the money, Oscar denies having it.


In the final episode of the final season, it is revealed that Abuelita knew about the money’s location. After Oscar got the money, she helped him and asked him what he was going to do with it. It is clear that Oscar didn’t use it for himself, which means that he must have left the money in Abuelita’s care. She hid it because it had already been the cause of many problems between the group as well as the dangers that they had to face because of it. Still, she made a map, detailing the location of the money so that one day, the Core Four could be reunited on another journey and find the money again.

Before she passed away, Abuelita gave that map to Ruby who shared it with his friends in the final episode after they had attended their prom. By now, the friends had met with many changes in their lives and they decided to move on from this mystery. The map was left in Abuelita’s box, which she claimed was cursed and should not be opened by anyone. However, when she died and her family was clearing up some stuff, they sold the box in a yard sale, which is where it came into the possession of Cam and his friends in ‘Freeridge’.

From the events in ‘Freeridge’, it is clear that the location of the RollerWorld money still remains a secret for most people. It is possible that Jamal, Ruby, Monse, and Caesar know about the location, considering that they could have deciphered the map that was made specifically for them. For the rest of the people, however, the money is still missing, which brings a challenge for the characters in ‘Freeridge’, as well as the problems that usually accompany this mystery.

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