What Happens to Ben Almora in The Night Agent? How Does He Die?

Image Credit: Dan Power/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘The Night Agent’ follows an FBI agent and a tech entrepreneur who stumble upon the plot of a terrorist attack. When Peter Sutherland answers the call meant to be from secret agents, he doesn’t know how deeply he will get involved with it. On the other end of the call is Rose Larkin, who has only recently discovered that her aunt and uncle were secret agents investigating the identity of a mole in the White House. The presence of a mole means that they can trust no one. Still, some people can be trusted beyond a shadow of a doubt. Ben Almora is one of them. What happened to him at the end of ‘The Night Agent’? Let’s find out.SPOILERS AHEAD

Tragic End: Almora Killed in Planned Explosion

Ben Almora works for the Secret Service and assigns agents to protect high-priority people. He is in the President’s inner circle, which means he is privy to everything important in the White House. He is powerful and resourceful enough to put out a hit on Night Agents or remove a person’s security detail. Because Peter doesn’t know him personally, Almora remains a suspect. But for people who have worked with him, he is the go-to guy.

Almora is Chelsea Arrington’s boss, and he assigns Erik Monks to work with her. He and Monks have been friends for a long time and trust each other completely. Arrington sees this when she gives a negative report on Monks to Almora. Instead of removing Monks from the position, he assures Arrington that he is the guy for the job. He is proven right when Maddie Redfield is kidnapped.

Image Credit: Dan Power/Netflix

Working with Monks, Arrington realizes her boss was right about him. Monks went through a difficult time, but he is not a bad guy. He is honorable and trustworthy. This means that if Monks trust anyone, they are reliable too. Monks and Arrington cross paths with Peter and Rose while trying to find Maddie. This is when Peter tells Arrington about the terrorist plot. She tells him the identity of Osprey, which clears things up further.

While Maddie is saved, Monks dies, and Arrington, Peter, and Rose find themselves pushing against a deadline. Only twenty-four hours are left for the next attack to happen. To stop that, they need to report it to someone they can trust. For Peter, only the President is trustworthy at the moment. He has been betrayed by Farr, in whom he had blind faith. So, now, he is not ready to take any chances.

Arrington believes that Almora can be trusted, so she and Maddie decide to find him or the President and tell them everything. Reaching the President is difficult, but Arrington believes she can get to Almora more quickly, considering that he is her boss and she is supposed to report everything to him. However, after Maddie is rescued, Almora is nowhere to be found. When she asks about him, Nathan Briggs says that the President sent Almora on an urgent mission.

As the situation gets dire, Arrington becomes desperate to find Almora, but he doesn’t show up. This sparks suspicion because he is not the kind of person who would suddenly disappear. Moreover, Monks has been killed, and they were good friends. Almora would want to know what happened to Monks and how he died. He would have liked to talk to Arrington, but he never even tries to contact her. This means that either he doesn’t know about Monks yet, or he’s caught up in something very important.

The villains of the story are three very powerful people. Ashley Redfield is the Vice President, Diane Farr is the Chief of Staff, and Gordon Wick is a private contractor with connections in high places. They have been behind the murder and the terrorist plot, even though Farr’s involvement is much lesser. Still, they have proved they can go to any lengths to keep their secrets from coming out. They killed the deputy director of the FBI when he got close to discovering the truth about their plans. This means that people like Ben Almora are fair game too.

In the final episode, when the plot against the President in Camp David is afoot, Almora ensures the place is secure. He doesn’t know that it is an inside job. The traitors want everyone like Almora, who could point a finger against them, gone. He was supposed to have died in the explosion, along with Zadar and Travers. However, Farr shows up to warn him. At the same time, Briggs enters the scene, shoots Farr, and kills Almora.

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