What Happens to Gordon Wick in The Night Agent?

Netflix’s ‘The Night Agent’ follows the story of Peter Sutherland and Rose Larkin, who uncover a sinister plan that could claim many lives. They try to go through proper channels to solve this problem, but it soon becomes clear that nobody can be trusted. They take the investigation into their own hands and discover some surprising things about people in power and what they intend to do. Several people are involved in this plan that has been in motion for over a year. A businessman named Gordon Wick is one of the conspirators. Everyone else is accounted for at the end of the season, but Wick is nowhere to be seen. If you are wondering what happened to him, here’s what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD

What Happens to Gordon Wick?

Gordon Wick was a businessman, and political power meant everything to him. Digging into his history, Peter and Rose discover he has been involved in shady things. He is the employer of Ellen and Dale, the assassins chasing Peter and Rose after they killed her aunt and uncle. Apart from this, Wick also used them to kill a member of the Hungarian royal family. It is clear that Wick is used to getting what he wants by any means necessary and doesn’t care who dies.

At the beginning of ‘The Night Agent,’ Peter stops a terrorist attack, saving the lives of hundreds of people traveling in the metro that was exploded by an unknown bomber. Later, he finds out that Wick and Redfield orchestrated this. The metro explosion was just a distraction. They wanted to assassinate Omar Zadar, who was in a cafe above the metro line. Wick didn’t care that hundreds of innocent people would be killed in the attack.

When the President launches a secret investigation, Wick and Redfield worry that the truth about the metro bombing will come out and destroy their lives. Rose’s aunt and uncle get close to figuring out the truth, so Wick also has them killed. He targets Rose, but Peter saves her. From here, things get more complicated as Peter and Rose relentlessly pursue the matter and make the connection between him, Redfield, and the bombing.

Meanwhile, Redfield’s daughter is kidnapped by the man hired to place the bomb in the metro. He threatens to kill her if the Vice President doesn’t come clean to the world. Concerned about his daughter, Redfield almost succumbs and agrees to confess. Wick, however, isn’t ready for it. He makes it clear that he will have the VP killed if he does what the kidnapper wants. He also worries that the kidnapper might have told Maddie everything, which makes her a liability. So, he and Farr decide to kill her as well.

Wick’s actions prove that he is not loyal to anyone. He does what’s best for himself and keeps shifting from Redfield to Farr, depending on whose interests align with him. Ultimately, he and Redfield completely blindside Farr and plot to kill the President. They know that Zadar is coming to meet her at Camp David, which means that both the President and Zadar can be killed simultaneously.

Redfield goes to Camp David with his daughter. He plans to survive the explosion by waiting in the bunker and pretending to be saved because he reached the panic room in time. This would divert the blame from him, and because he’s VP, he would become the President after Travers is killed. Wick monitors the situation from a distance. He sends his men in the guise of the Secret Service to make sure that the bomb goes off as soon as the President and Zadar enter the building. If that doesn’t, they have a Plan B in place too.

Despite their best efforts, their plans are foiled by Peter and Rose. As soon as Wick discovers that, he disappears. It takes a while to calm down at Camp David and for the authorities to figure out that Wick had a hand in the attempted assassination. This is enough time for him to use his resources to evade the law. The President assures that they are looking for him and he will eventually be found, but for now, he is in the wind.

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