What Happens to Jeevan’s Brother, Frank in Station Eleven?

‘Station Eleven’ opens on an ominous note, with the death of an actor on stage during a performance after which things quickly devolve into chaos. As hospital emergency rooms begin to overflow, the rest of the city initially remains unaware of the deadly oncoming pandemic. Jeevan is one of the first to be warned and quickly heads to his brother Frank’s apartment to barricade themselves inside. We briefly see Frank in the opening scenes of the show but Jeevan’s brother then remains conspicuously missing from the rest of the narrative. So what really happens to Frank? Let’s take a look at what we know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happens to Jeevan’s Brother, Frank?

When Jeevan first arrives at his apartment, Frank appears quite skeptical about his claims of death and destruction. He is also shocked at the thousands of dollars worth of groceries that Jeevan brings along with him (to say nothing of the young girl named Kirsten). As the two brothers argue, an airplane crashes next to the building, making it clear that Jeevan is right. However, both Frank and Jeevan remain relatively calm as they watch the chaos unfold below.

Strangely, that is the last time we see Frank as Jeevan and Kirsten then leave the building eighty days later with no sign of the former’s brother. There is no clue as to what happens to him, but it seems quite clear that Frank is dead. From the way Jeevan and Kirsten leave the building with all their luggage, it is evident that they don’t mean to return. It is also highly unlikely they would leave Frank alone in the apartment.

Considering only eighty days have gone past and Jeevan’s obsessive grocery-buying spree ensured they had enough food, it is curious that something fatal might have happened to Frank while not affecting the other two. However, that seems to be the case, and Frank likely dies from the Georgia Flu that’s responsible for the apocalypse or possibly from the lack of a particular medication that he needs but cannot procure.

It is also worth noting that the security guard is seen dead in the building’s lobby when Jeevan and Kirsten leave eighty days later, making it even more likely that the fever infiltrated the building and possibly killed Frank.

Considering we see so little of Jeevan in the later years of the pandemic (when Kirsten is grown up), it is unlikely that we will see more of Frank. We also don’t see much more of Jeevan’s sister, Siya, who works in an ER and is the one who initially warns Jeevan of the deadly flu. Since we hear her coughing during their phone call, it is most likely that Siya is infected early on and dies soon after the pandemic begins. Thus, by the time Jeevan leaves the apartment building eighty days later, both his siblings, Frank and Siya, are most likely dead.

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