What Happens to Travis in Hunters? Is He Dead?

Image Credit: Christopher Saunders/ Prime Video

Prime Video’s ‘Hunters’ wraps up with its second season, bringing the stories of its characters to a fitting end. The show started with young Jonah Heidelbaum discovering the existence of a secret group that hunts and kills Nazis. Soon, he becomes an indispensable part of the group. In some ways, he becomes a superhero, something that he had only read about in comic books before. Just like any crime-fighting vigilante in every story, Jonah meets his nemesis in Travis Leich, another young man who considers himself to be the champion of the cause that he is fighting for. Over the course of the show, Travis proves to be an unbeatable enemy, which makes him all the more dangerous. If you are wondering where the show leaves him in the end, then here’s what you should know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Does Travis Die?

There are many enemies that the Hunters face in their quest to avenge the millions of people who were killed at the hands of the Nazis, but none of them is quite like Travis. The neo-Nazi is young, full of vigor, and positively psychopathic. He is ruthless and impulsive, a very dangerous combination when mixed with his incredible skills as a fighter and a survivor. While he is ready to go to any distance to follow through with the orders, he also shows a disregard for authority when push comes to shove. He only becomes more ambitious by the end of the show which is what makes his uncertain ending a loose thread in an otherwise neatly tied-up story.

Escaping prison, Travis arrives in Argentina at the beginning of the second season and discovers the true extent of the conspiracy that he’d been a part of. Eva Braun takes him under her wing, hoping to have a loyal commander in him when she finally takes over the reins from Hitler. Travis proves to be a reliable asset, but silently, he also starts planning to usurp his leaders. By the end, it becomes clear that Travis intends to become the Fourth Reich.

The villain has a brush with death when Joe shoots him right in the face. Somehow, he survives, and we find him in the final episode, executing Hitler’s escape after he’d been tried and sentenced to prison for the rest of his life. Eva planned to kill Hitler and lie about his escape to feed into his myth as the invincible Nazi leader. Under the shadow of his name, she plans to declare herself as the next leader. She doesn’t realize that Travis has planned the same thing for himself. Travis kills Eva and tries to take Hitler with him so that the Nazi leader can officially declare Travis as his successor.

His plans are derailed by the Hunters. Jonah tries to stop him and Travis shoots him. He could have gotten away, but his hatred for Jonah forces him to go back and finish the job. Just as he is about to take the shot, Joe shows up and shoots him. With the cops swarming around and Hitler out of his reach, Travis has no option but to flee. He jumps from the building, and when Joe goes after him, Travis is nowhere to be seen. Because Hitler is the priority at the moment, no one follows Travis. Joe chooses to attend to Jonah rather than chase the enemy. This allows Travis to slip away.

Does Travis die? Definitely not. He was shot in the face and still, he lived. The wounds that he receives in the last episode are not enough to kill him. This means that he is still out there and, because he has been bested by the Hunters once more, he will be plotting his revenge. He had already garnered a significant following from his time in prison, which means that he has the resources to rebuild and fight back. Travis’ escape also sends a very important message to the audience. Just because Hitler has been caught doesn’t mean that the danger has been averted forever. There are still people like Travis out there who are spewing hate and are ready to do abominable things to people who don’t share their faith and beliefs. So, as long as he, or someone like him, walks the earth, the Hunters can never retire.

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