What Inspired ‘Isi & Ossi’?

‘Isi & Ossi’ is another one of those romantic comedies that cannibalize the idea of “we are building a relationship and eventually, we really do get together”. While many viewers might have a problem with this repetitive theme, others will swoon over the chemistry of the two main characters. Regardless of what you think about it, if you have already watched the film and you’re starting to wonder what it’s inspired from, read on further.

What is ‘Isi & Osi’ about?

Played by Lisa Vicari and Dennis Mojen, the two titular characters of ‘Isi & Ossi’ are the opposites. While Isi is the daughter of a billionaire, Ossi is just a middle-class boxer. Initially, when they first meet, they just try to take advantage of each other. Isi asks Ossi to pretend to be her boyfriend just to get her controlling parents off her back and in return, she promises him that she’ll help him with the funds of his upcoming boxing match. But as they begin to spend a lot more time together, their feelings get in the way and they end up learning a lot more than they could have asked for.

Is ‘Isi & Ossi’ Based on a True Story?

As you might have already guessed, ‘Isi & Ossi‘ is not based on a true story. However, the film does involve a very familiar rom-com format that has been previously used in many other films. ‘Isi & Ossi’ is one of those “haters turned lovers” movies in which unforeseeable circumstances bring together two individuals and they are inadvertently stuck with one another. But along the way, they end up embracing each other’s imperfections and fall in love. Other renowned rom coms like  ‘10 Things I Hate About You‘ and ‘The Proposal‘  work along the same line.

Fire and ice. Night and day. Yin and yang. Like many other rom coms out there, the whole notion of “opposites attract” is the cornerstone of ‘Isi & Ossi’ as well. Although this idea is highly exaggerated in many movies, to an extent, it holds true in real life as well. As individuals, we’re naturally inclined to the ones whose personalities are quite the opposite of ours. And it’s this stark contrast in personalities that makes such relationships a lot more dynamic and exciting. In the film, the two main characters come from two very different backgrounds. But when they meet each other, their personalities, in a way, serve as complements.

The female protagonist was far too comfortable in her old royal lifestyle and was struggling to break free from it. Only when she meets Ossi, she realizes that she needs to learn to embrace the uncertainties of life and pursue her dream without depending too much on her over-protective parents. Apart from that, the film also highlights Isi’s journey towards finding her place in the world. She did live a life that most would only dream of but she still felt too contrived to be grateful for everything she has. She eventually breaks free from this and starts living her life in her own terms.

With this, she goes through a major catharsis and begins to understand that a life full of uncertainties is better than a life where she has all the luxuries in the world. This aspect of the film adds a tinge of realism to it as most of us are just trying to find our place in the world like Isi. It makes you realize that no one has it all figured out and that’s just how life is. In conclusion, ‘Isi & Ossi’ is certainly not based on a true story but it can be relatable in some ways.