What is 90 Day Fiance’s David and Annie’s Net Worth?

When US resident David Toborowsky and Thailand native Annie Suwan decided to get married on ‘90 Day Fiance,’ fans were worried about their financial situation. Not only did David have nothing to his name, but Annie’s family even asked him to pay a dowry which seemed next to impossible. However, the two never let such issues get between them and worked hard to achieve financial stability. With the couple now helping most of their families financially, fans have wondered what their present net worth might be. Well, let’s find out, shall we?

How Did David and Annie Make Their Money?

Interestingly, when David and Annie moved to the United States after tying the knot, they had just a simple run-down apartment they called home. Besides, the former was unemployed and had an alcohol addiction, which made his new wife unsure about her decision. The couple also got into frequent altercations and could not decide on whether to have children in the future. Nevertheless, with time, they both realized they had to put in an effort if their marriage was to work. That was when apart from the money from their appearance on the show, David took up some political campaigning work before becoming a professor of English as a second language at the university.

In the meantime, Annie decided to put her cooking skills to use and started a Thai catering service through which she provided food at parties and events. Besides, David even helped his wife set up their first business, Cooking with DNA, which started as an online service through which they provide live and pre-recorded classes on Thai cuisine. Additionally, they created an online cooking show named ‘Spice It Up With David & Annie’ and used that exposure to land brand deals on social media as influencers.

With time, David and Annie became proud parents to three wonderful children, and their businesses and the income from the university helped them live comfortably. They even managed to save up quite a bit of money and finally decided to move to Fountain Hills from Scottsdale, Arizona. Although the movie forced David to give up his job as an English teacher, he had created enough avenues for income by then.

Currently, David has an immense following on social media and functions as an online influencer with several brand deals under his belt. Besides, he is pretty hands-on in his wife’s business, Cooking with DNA, and apart from providing online cooking classes, they also sell Thailand-based oils and spices. On the other hand, Annie launched her fashion line, Boom Bangkok, in 2021 and has been quite successful as an entrepreneur. Not just that, the couple is a regular on the ’90 Day Fiance’ YouTube channel, where they host their own cooking show and appear on ’90 Day: Foody Call.’

David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan’s Net Worth?

Sources claim that David and Annie were paid around $15,000 for each ’90 Day’ episode they appeared in. Besides, a professor of English as a second language in Arizona earns about $80,000 annually. Considering these calculations and the business they own, their online brand deals, and appearances on the TLC network, we can safely assume that David has a total net worth of about $1.5 million. In comparison, Annie boasts a higher amount at $2.5 million. Hence, together, the couple easily has around $4 million to their name.

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