What is Augusto “Willy” Falcon’s Net Worth?

Augusto “Willy” Falcon was just a young boy when he and his entire family left their homeland of Cuba for the beautiful City of Miami, Florida, hoping for a better and safer life. According to all accounts on ‘Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami,’ he first came across Salvador “Sal” Maglluta at Miami High and became close buddies, only to drop out together and eventually turn into narco-kingpins. While Sal was the brains behind their operations, Willy was the face. So now that it’s been a while, let’s find out more about his earnings and overall net worth, shall we?

How Did Augusto “Willy” Falcon Earn His Money?

Augusto “Willy” Falcon has often been described as a street-wise and not book-wise individual whose upbeat and warm personality clashed with his intimidating appearance. However, he took advantage of this aspect in the trade and became the one who handled all the initial dealings until money and mediations came into play — that was his best friend’s specialty. As a small-time pot pusher in the local Miami area dreaming of attaining money and power, he instantly agreed to deal over 30 kilos of pure cocaine when the chance arose, even when Sal wasn’t sure.

Willy used his connections to sell the white powder for a profit, so Sal got on board and began thinking of ideas for expansion, which came their way soon after in the form of exclusive contracts with the Colombian cartels in Medellin and Cali. From there, their organization gradually began earning hundreds of thousands of dollars daily, leading them to learn ways of spending the same profitably. From speed boat racing to real-estate to construction companies and management firms, Willy invested in them all. He also hid money in offshore bank accounts and safe houses.

While it’s unclear exactly how much Willy accumulated in terms of assets, following his and Sal’s ultimate capture in October 1991, the U.S. Marshals Service seized numerous properties valued at over a combined $16 million from him and Sal. The fact that they owned a few white-collar businesses with their family members serving as board executives also came to light, primarily because the firms also dealt in the real-estate industry. Most of the high-end appliances within the seized luxurious assets were kept and sold by the federal authorities. In other words, Willy lost a lot.

With that said, however, because their illicit activities spanned nearly two decades, it has been assumed that the officials did not manage to secure everything they’d bought with drug proceeds. After all, prosecutors alleged that Willy and Sal amassed more than $2 billion by smuggling at least 75 tons of cocaine into the United States of America.

Augusto “Willy” Falcon’s Net Worth

Willy Falcon, who pled guilty in 2003 and was handed a 20-year sentence on several narcotic and conspiracy-related charges, was released in June 2017. Immediately after that, ICE detained and deported him, so he’s now a free man. There are no hints on what Willy is up to today, but we believe that he’s living a comfortable life with reportedly a net worth of over $1 million. 

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