Austin Victoria Net Worth: How Rich is Selling The OC Star?

Netflix’s ‘Selling the OC‘ has several attractive elements that keep the audience captivated throughout its run. The ‘Selling Sunset‘ spinoff presents the viewers with a glamorous lifestyle that the employees of The Oppenheim Group’s office in Orange County, California, enjoy. From mindblowing parties to high-class events, it is a life that truly makes one envious. Naturally, people are curious to know more about the show’s cast and their means of income. One such name is Austin Victoria, one of the major players in the reality series. Fans have expressed a particular interest in knowing more about this realtor’s professional ventures that enable him to live the life he shares on the show.

How Did Austin Victoria Earn His Money?

On July 27, 2017, Austin Victoria obtained his license (DRE #02038193) to operate in the Californian real estate industry and has not looked back since. He started working as a Sales Associate at Keller Williams Realty’s branch in Beverly Hills, California, in July 2017. Thanks to his dedication and skills, Austin quickly emerged as the lead agent in his team and became the top producer. However, in October 2019, the agent decided to change companies and switched to OA Real Estate Group, where he was employed as a Sales Associate for approximately nine months.

In June 2020, Austin parted ways with OA Real Estate Group and got a new job at Douglas Elliman’s Beverly Hills branch as a Sales Associate. The California native left the Beverly Hills area to join The Oppenheim Group’s office in Orange County in July 2021. Since then, Austin has not only made considerable progress in his new turf, but he also gained the opportunity to star in a glamorous reality series.

Before working in the real estate industry, though, Austin was based in the Los Angeles area as an actor and model. He claims that the entertainment industry gave him the social skills and discipline necessary to become a successful agent. Turns out that he has not left his previous career fields behind. He has been affiliated with HRI Talent since July 2017 for his acting ventures. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina International manages his modeling opportunities and has been doing so since November 2015.

For Austin, the trust of his clients is his most treasured commodity as he works hard to meet their expectations and then some more. Now that you have a healthy understanding of how the ‘Selling the OC’ star makes his money, we are sure you are curious about his net worth. Let’s leave the suspense behind and delve right into the answers!

Austin Victoria’s Net Worth

In order to find out Austin Victoria’s net worth, we have to account for approximately how many properties the realtor deals with every year, the average price of estates that he trades in, and how much commission he gets per house. Austin’s income is certainly higher than that of average realtors in California, given that he mainly works with luxurious properties in Orange County. However, considering the majority of Austin’s recent deals, the average price of his properties has been $8-$9 million, though he often lists with at least one other agent.

According to the policy showcased in the reality show, the realtors at The Oppenheim Group typically push for a 3% commission. Said commission is split four ways between the listing agent(s), the listing broker, the buying agent, and their broker. If a realtor ends up dealing with both ends of the transaction, then the amount of money they pull doubles. Hence, Austin’s earnings for a single property turn out to be about 0.75% of the sale price when acting solely as a listing or a buying agent. If we assume that the realtor sells around 12 properties per year, then Austin’s annual earnings become quite staggering.

However, real estate is not Austin’s only source of income, as he also works as a model and an actor. The average annual earnings of a model in the area in and around Los Angeles are $80,000. Meanwhile, growing actors based in the City of Angels earn approximately $50,000. Combining the approximate earnings from the three fields and possible taxes, we estimate Austin’s net worth to be around $4 million.

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