What Is Cheyenne Floyd’s Net Worth?

Born in 1992, LA native Cheyenne has been ambitious from a very young age. She was raised in Pasadena, California. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from Hampton University. In the year she graduated, Cheyenne started her own clothing line, The RUU, naming it after her grandmother. Most notably, however, she is most known for her presence in ‘Teen Mom OG.’

Cheyenne Floyd joined the cast of MTV’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ in the seventh season. She is not typically a ‘Teen Mom’ per se because she had her first child, Ryder, when she was 24 years old. Nonetheless, Cheyenne has a rather interesting story to follow, which included her baby’s father not knowing that Ryder was his daughter until she was six months old. Ryder’s father, Cory Wharton, joined in on parenting Ryder after he discovered the news.

Cheyenne is highly successful in her television career. She is also pregnant with her second child by her current boyfriend, Zach Davis, and they have revealed the sex of the baby to be a boy. Cheyenne also appeared in several reality shows besides ‘Teen Mom OG.’ She was briefly dropped from ‘Teen Mom OG,’ owing to racially charged comments from audiences. If you, like us, were wondering how Cheyenne accumulated her wealth, look no further. We have the answers for you right here.

How Did Cheyenne Floyd Make Her Money?

Cheyenne Floyd was discovered through Facebook and made her first appearance as a reality show star on MTV’s ‘Are You The One?’ She used the opportunity and the camera exposure to advertise The RUU, her LA-based clothing brand. The show helped her grow her social media presence as well, and she was thereafter featured in yet another MTV reality show, ‘The Challenge: Rivals III.’

Here, she met Cory Wharton, and the two had a brief romance, the result of which was Cheyenne’s first child. The co-parents learned that Ryder was a carrier of VLCAD, a rare genetic condition. This led to the founding of Rage Regardless Ry, a non-profit organization aimed at spreading awareness about rare diseases afflicting children. She was offered a role in another reality show after ‘The Challenge: Rivals III,’ but she turned down the offer.

Cheyenne has an active YouTube channel called Cheyenne and Ryder K, where Cheyenne documents moments for her life, mostly surrounding Ryder. Her channel presently has 142k subscribers, and all of her videos have at least 40k views. Cheyenne also had a (seemingly defunct) blog that had posts written like diary entries. On that note, it would seem as though The RUU has since been rendered defunct as well.

However, she does sell merchandise for her non-profit venture. (It cannot be ascertained what portions of the sales are pocketed by the organization). Apart from this, Cheyenne is a social media influencer, and as you’d expect, most of her content is centered around motherhood. She has also promoted beauty products like skincare and hair care. Cheyenne also has a passion for photography. It is evident that Cheyenne has no intention of stopping on her path of achieving her goals and aspirations.

What Is Cheyenne Floyd’s Net Worth?

Apart from her earnings from ‘Are You The One?’ and ‘The Challenge,’ Cheyenne’s earnings per episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ is at least $3,000, making her estimated net worth to be around $450,000. She also reportedly owns a cozy 3-bedroom house in southern Los Angeles, which as per reports, was valued at $540,000 in 2020.

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