What is Dubai Bling’s Ebraheem Al Samadi’s Net Worth?

Image Credit: Ebraheem Al Samadi/Instagram

While Netflix’s ‘Dubai Bling‘ follows a group of millionaires navigating top-tier social lives in Dubai, the series showcases the luxury, wealth, and comfort the rich and famous get to experience on a daily basis. Still, in the midst of all the cast members, Ebraheem Al Samadi made an impact on the audience, be it for his humble and down-to-earth nature, his respect for his mother, or his incredible professional history. Moreover, since he was involved in a severe altercation with Zeina Khoury for most of the season, fans are doubly curious to know more about his life. Well, let’s find out what Ebraheem’s net worth is at present, shall we?

How Did Ebraheem Al Samadi Earn His Money?

While Ebraheem was born in Kuwait, he spent his growing years in Florida and had quite a challenging childhood as his parents divorced when he was just thirteen. His father, a Kuwaiti businessman, owned a villa in Florida, but young Ebraheem chose to leave the family home and move into a one-roomed apartment with his mother. While his mother tried her best to put food on the table, the 13-year-old hated to see her tired after a long day of work.

Moreover, the family of two barely managed to make ends meet, and Ebraheem soon realized that he had to contribute in his own way. Hence, opening an account on eBay, the 13-year-old began selling some of the clothes he didn’t require. Reports mention that while Ebraheem’s first sale earned him $20, he reinvested that money into the business and started generating massive profits within no time. In the first two years, Ebraheem’s online business earned a revenue of over $40,000, and the boy, who was 15 at that time, was determined to make a living as an entrepreneur.

Although Ebraheem found himself working quite a few jobs up until his seventeenth birthday, he managed to save up $90,000, with which he opened his first company, Wheelies. Wheelies sold kids’ shoes with rollers in the sole, and since the products had a massive profit margin, Ebraheem became a millionaire before his eighteenth birthday. In the meantime, he joined his father in opening a mobile phone franchise and even tried operating a used car shop, but he wasn’t satisfied with the meager returns and wanted more.

That was when he discovered the business potential in Dubai and invested in the hairstyling brand, Amika, which became quite popular in the United Arab Emirates. Readers would also be interested to know that Ebraheem was responsible for starting a retail wing of their family’s Al Samadi Group, which was later brought under one banner.

At present, Ebraheem Al Samadi is considered one of the most influential and wealthy businesspeople in Dubai. He serves as the CEO of Retail for the Al Samadi Group and owns a total of nine companies from different fields, including jewelry brands like My Imenso and Wired Up, eateries like The Chickery, beauty brands like Juicy, and the luxury flower retailer, Forever Rose, among others. He even has a significant fan following on social media and seems to be headed for further success in the future.

Ebraheem Al Samadi’s Net Worth

While a Dubai-based CEO of a multi-national company can expect to earn around $250,000 annually, Ebraheem’s massive empire and success help him make quite a bit more. Moreover, all the companies he invested in are valued at several million dollars, with a 2016 report claiming Forever Rose to be valued between $21 and $23 million. Besides, Ebraheem has earned quite a bit of popularity from his appearance on ‘Dubai Bling.’ Thus, considering all his avenues of income, we can safely assume that his present net worth sits comfortably north of $50 million.

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