What is Dubai Bling’s Lojain Omran’s Net Worth?

Image Credit: Lojain Omran/Instagram

Known best for being a popular television personality and host, Lojain Omran is a household name in Saudi Arabia. While Lojain presently resides in Dubai, she was catapulted back into the spotlight after being featured on Netflix’s exciting reality show ‘Dubai Bling.’ With the original series showcasing the extravagant and luxurious lives of Dubai’s rich and famous, viewers have been eager to know what Lojain Omran’s present net worth might be. Well, let’s find out, shall we?

How Did Lojain Omran Earn Her Money?

A native of Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia, readers would be surprised to know that being a social media influencer or TV personality wasn’t on Lojain’s bucket list initially. In fact, after completing her higher education, she entered her professional life with a career in finance. Reports mention that in 2001 Lojain moved from Al Jubail to the country of Bahrain, where she found employment as an Operations Manager in the Visa Debit Collection division. However, with time, she discovered her passion for the entertainment industry and decided to try her hand at a career in television.

In 2004, Lojain entered the world of television and found work as a broadcaster with Bahrain TV. She immediately shot into the spotlight after hosting her debut show, ‘The Situation With Lojain,’ as viewers found her personality quite charming. The popularity played a massive role in Lojain’s success as a TV personality as it helped her get associated with several other successful shows, including ‘Good Morning Arabs!,’ ‘Ya Hala,’ ‘Around The Gulf,’ and ‘The World of Eve,’ among others.

Alongside her career as a television presenter and host, Lojain began working on her social media presence and soon built up a massive network of fans and followers. Her celebrity status reached such a height that Forbes included her as one of five Saudi people in their 2017 list of 100 Arab Celebrities. She has also been featured on Gulf Business’ 2018 Arab power List and is considered one of the region’s most popular and influential individuals.

At present, apart from getting an opportunity to appear on Netflix’s original series ‘Dubai Bling,’ Lojain Omran has continued her career as a television personality. Additionally, she has a hefty fan following on TikTok, while her Instagram followers have crossed the 10 million mark. As a result, Lojain is able to get the most rewarding social media brand deals. In fact, one can regularly find her collaborating with top fashion and designer brands, which contributes handsomely to her net worth.

Lojain Omran’s Net Worth

An Operations Manager in Bahrain earns an average salary of $40,000 annually, while a TV presenter can expect an annual income of about $50,000. However, considering Lojain Omran’s position in the entertainment industry and the experience she brings to the table, it is natural that her salary would be much higher than the average. Thus, we believe that she earns around $100,000 from her profession alone. But her real income source actually happens to be her social media presence.

She Lojain more than a staggering 10 million followers on Instagram. One sponsored post with that kind of a following could fetch her close to $100000. That means her annual income just from her social media posts could be more than $1 million. That, coupled with her income from appearances on reality shows, puts her current net worth at approximately $6 million.

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