What is Dubai Bling’s Loujain Adada’s Net Worth?

Image Credit: Loujain Adada/Instagram

A household name in Lebanon, Loujain Adada, is known best for her modeling talents. However, she was unwilling to restrict her career to a single field and even dipped her toes into the entertainment industry. While the American-born Lebanese socialite was thrust back into the spotlight with her appearance on Netflix’s ‘Dubai Bling,’ viewers were mesmerized by her beauty and luxurious lifestyle. If you have ever wondered what Loujain Adada’s net worth is at present, we have you covered.

How Did Loujain Adada Make Her Money?

While Loujain Adada was born in California in the United States, her family moved back to Lebanon soon after, and she spent most of her childhood there. While reports mention that she completed her schooling in Beirut, she seemingly discovered her love for fashion and modeling at quite a young age. With her parents pushing her forward and encouraging her to follow her dreams, Loujain got an opportunity to model for an advertisement in a magazine at the age of 14.

The modeling gig made her fall in love with the industry, and once Loujain realized that she could explore her passion while earning a handsome salary simultaneously, she became determined to become a successful model. Although she initially modeled for magazine advertisements and small brands, her popularity gradually increased, and soon the Californian native was considered a force to be reckoned with. Moreover, even the entertainment industry took note of Loujain’s success, and at the age of 21, she was given a chance to host ‘Energy Spin Magazine,’ a music program on MTV Lebanon.

However, just a few months later, the model married billionaire Saudi businessman Walid Juffali and decided to leave her career in order to focus on her family. Although Loujain had a significant age gap with Walid and their union was frowned upon, Loujain remained dedicated to her husband and even shared two children with him. Yet, in 2016, months after their second child came into this world, Walid passed away from cancer and asked his assets to be auctioned off and the proceeds divided between his three former wives and five daughters.

In the years following Walid’s death, Loujain preferred to stay away from her professional life and instead focused on being a perfect mother for her kids. However, once Netflix approached her with an opportunity to appear on ‘Dubai Bling,’ the mother of two had to accept the offer. The TV appearance did her a world of good, as Loujain now boasts a significant fan following on social media. Moreover, apart from undertaking a few brand deals on social media, Loujain appears ready to restart her modeling career.

Loujain Adada’s Net Worth

A fashion model in Lebanon earns an average of $15,000 to $30,000 annually. However, with Loujain’s demand and experience, we can safely assume that her income during her modeling days was on the higher end of that spectrum. Moreover, as a widely sought-after TV host, Loujain would have earned about $35,000 annually during her years in the entertainment industry. Still, her inheritance from Walid Juffali’s estate seemingly makes up most of her net worth, as she received around $1.1 million after the auction. Thus, considering Loujain Adada’s career path and her income from Netflix’s ‘Dubai Bling,’ we believe her current net worth is around $4 million.

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