What is Gabi Butler’s Net Worth?

Having received international notoriety after appearing on ‘Cheer,’ a Netflix documentary series that debuted back in January 2020, Gabriella “Gabi” Butler is a cheerleader, television personality, and social media star. After all, she won hearts with her sheer passion and dedication to the sport, along with the fact that she was never once haughty with her cheer-mates despite already being well known. Yet, the one aspect that intrigued us the most about Gabi was that she always seemed to be working on one project or the other. Now, if you wish to know more about her career and net worth, we’ve got you covered.

How Did Gabi Butler Earn Her Money?

Born on January 16, 1998, in Boca Raton, Florida, Gabi Butler’s interest in cheer as a competitive sport sparked when she was just 8-years-old, driving her to quit gymnastics and train for the former full-time. In fact, the athletic youngster’s subsequent devotion went to such an extent that she ended up launching a YouTube channel at the age of 12 to post instructional cheerleading videos. That way, she was able to continue practicing while also creating content to inspire others. Gabi had the time to develop and do so because she was homeschooled throughout junior high and high school.

Around two years later, Gabi got a cheerleading opportunity in California that she grasped with both hands, meaning that she started to travel back and forth to compete in several All-Star clubs in both states. Just a few of them were Top Gun & Trinity, Cali SMOED, Cheer Athletics Wildcats, and Gymtyme Blink IOC5. During this time, primarily between 2012 and 2014, the athlete also appeared on AwesomenessTV’s YouTube series ‘Cheerleaders,’ where the camera followed her experiences as a member of SMOED.

From there, Gabi began to land brand deals, bookings for television specials, and opportunities for skill clinics. The two-time World Champion thus became a big deal in the cheer industry and garnered a massive fan following that opened several more doors for her. That includes not just scholarships to help her persist in her craft while furthering her education but also business possibilities with companies like Rebel Athletics, her family, or by herself.

In fact, Gabi is the co-owner and Chief Marketing Officer of a bikini line aptly named The Bikini Block (which she established with her two sisters), and more recently, she launched a fitness app called The Gabi Method. In other words, even as a student/cheerleader, Gabi has stable means of income.

What is Gabi Butler’s Net Worth?

After Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ first premiered, Gabi Butler’s parents received quite a bit of backlash because they were portrayed in a manner that made them seem a little controlling, yet the athlete backed them up by revealing the truth about her earnings. “My parents are amazing and have always been there for me,” she stated via a tweet.

Gabi further added, “Every time I have made money from cheer opportunities, it has gone into my own account. They are my biggest support system and have helped me to be on top of my game.” Therefore, considering all her ventures, her work as a public figure, and her long-lasting career as a professional cheerleader, Gabi Butler’s estimated net worth is around $1.5 million.

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