What is Jessica Watson’s Net Worth?

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Netflix’s ‘True Spirit‘ chronicles the inspiring story of Jessica Watson, an Australian sailor who, at 16, successfully completed a solo global circumnavigation without assistance. In 210 days, she charted a journey of about 23,000 nautical miles while braving harsh weather, dangerous storms, unpredictable waves, and, worst, loneliness. Naturally, Jessica has amassed a lot of awards and recognition over the years, and fans are now eager to know more about her lifestyle and wealth. If you wish to learn the same, let’s find out together!

How Did Jessica Watson Earn Her Money?

Born on May 18, 1993, in Gold Coast, Queensland, Jessica Watson grew up in a humble family with love for adventure and exploration. Her parents, Roger and Julie, worked as a realtor and a therapist, respectively. The couple eventually sold their business and home to live on a 16-meter cabin cruiser with their four kids, and that’s where Jessica’s love for the open waters began. She first gained immense fame and accolades at 16, when she solo-sailed around the world in 210 days without assistance. She completed her journey on May 15, 2010.

While most of Jessica’s voyage was funded by sponsors and her family’s savings, she received widespread media recognition on her return. Not just that, she was awarded several prestigious honors, such as the Spirit of Sport award from the Sport Australia Hall of Fame, Young Performer of the Year for 2010 at the annual Sports Performer Awards, an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in the Australia Day Honours List in 2012, and being named the Young Australian of the Year in 2011.

Furthermore, the teenager was the only sailor included in the “2010 Adventurers of the Year” list by the National Geographic Society. Following her solo voyage, Jessica participated in numerous renowned yacht and swimming races on the national level. For instance, at 18, she was the youngest participant in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race in December 2011. Apart from her team coming in second, she was given the Jane Tate Award for being the first female skipper to cross the finish line.

Beginning in 2011, Jessica became a Youth Representative for the United Nations World Food Programme. In 2015, she was given the Leif Erikson Young Explorer Award in Iceland. For the next nine years, the young periodically traveled to remote refugee camps in Jordan, Laos, and Lebanon. Besides, Jessica decided to enter business management and studied for the same. She completed her Diploma of Project Management from the Australian Institute of Management and her Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication with a distinction from Deakin University.

In 2017, Jessica also received her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the Australian Institute of Management. She co-founded Deckee, a boating app for maps and weather reports, and from 2015-2017, she served as the Communications Manager. Following her MBA, Jessica took up the role of Consultant at Deloitte, a global company that provides audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services to brands. She was appointed as a Human Capital Manager in January 2022 and continues to work in that position to date.

Not just that, Jessica is also a highly-sought after Corporate Speaker with her company. Apart from her professional work, she has authored two bestselling novels, including her 2010 autobiography, ‘True Spirit: The Aussie Girl Who Took on the World.’ Her other literary venture, ‘Indigo Blue,’ is an adventure fiction novel for young adults published in 2018.

In addition to the Netflix biopic about her solo global circumnavigation adventure, Jessica was featured in the 2010 documentary ‘210 Days.’ Though she continues sailing as a passion even now, her famous sailboat ‘Ella’s Pink Lady,’ was acquired by the Australian government in 2011 for $300,000. It is now permanently exhibited at Queensland Maritime Museum in Brisbane.

Jessica Watson’s Net Worth

To estimate Jessica Watson’s earnings, one must consider her numerous sources of income, including her regular job at Deloitte. A managerial position in Deloitte fetches an individual in Australia approximately AUD 109,194 (around $75,692) annually. In addition, the average salary for a Public Speaking position in Australia is around AUD 73,045 (about $50,627). However, since Jessica is a renowned personality, she likely receives a higher amount for her corporate events.

On top of that, the sales from Jessica’s two books likely contribute to her income. Moreover, she has probably been given some royalties for her involvement in the Netflix biopic. Lastly, public honors and awards often have monthly stipends or prize money given with the accolade. Considering the Australian sailor’s long list of awards and titles, it could be possible that they have mildly contributed to her total wealth. Combining all these factors, we estimate Jessica Watson’s net worth to be around $3 million as of writing.

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