What Is Kacey Margo’s Net Worth?

Image Credit: Kacey Margo/Instagram

Bravo TV’s ‘Real Girlfriends in Paris‘ is an interesting TV show that takes the audience into the lives of several 20-something ladies who are making a living in Paris. While each cast member shifted to Paris from the United States, we get to witness their everyday lives as they go about balancing their professional and personal commitments. On top of that, the show also mixes in a healthy dose of romance and drama to liven things up.

Kacey Margo’s love affair with Paris blossomed when she took a semester-long sabbatical and traveled to the city of lights. She soon fell hard for the beautiful city and was determined to spend the rest of her life there. Well, with Kacey finally living her dream, let’s take a look at her current net worth, shall we?

How Did Kacey Margo Earn Her Money?

Originally from Southern California, Kacey Margo has no plans to travel to Paris initially. However, in the middle of attending college, she decided to take a break for a semester and visit France. Interestingly, when she arrived in the French capital, it was love at first sight for the Southern California native, who soon made up her mind to settle down in the beautiful city. However, she knew that she had to support herself and earn a living, and thus, Kacey began looking at open opportunities in Paris.

During her search for a job, Kacey discovered that the commune of Le Mee-Sur-Seine in the south-eastern suburbs of Paris was looking for teachers. Thus, Kacey immediately applied for a position and was offered the job of a temporary English language teacher. While talking about her job on the show, Kacey mentioned that she adores engaging with students on a daily basis and even gets to learn a lot from the children. Moreover, apart from getting an opportunity to polish her French, it seems like Kacey is quite popular among her students, as they love hanging out with her. Moreover, Kacey also uses modern technology as well as video games in her class, which makes her lessons all the more enjoyable.

Kacey Margo’s Net Worth

According to sources, temporary English teachers in Paris earn about $3500 per month or around $42000 annually. However, since Kacey has been teaching for quite a while, we expect her to get a monthly salary of about $50,000. Moreover, she even has an apartment in Paris and has been compensated handsomely for appearing on ‘Real Girlfriends in Paris.’ Thus, taking everything into consideration, we believe that Kacey Margo’s current net worth lies in the range of $250,000 to $350,000.

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