What is Maya Vander’s Net Worth?

Maya Vander is a real estate agent best known for her appearance in ‘Selling Sunset.’ The reality show follows agents from The Oppenheim Group, a high-end real estate brokerage firm in Los Angeles. Maya is one of the fan favorites in the series, with viewers with her professional and efficient mannerism. The realtor grew up in Israel and moved to the City of Angels in 2002. She married her long-time boyfriend, David Amar, in 2017. After two devastating miscarriages, the couple welcomed their first child, a son named Aiden, in April of 2019. Their second child Elle was born in 2020.

However, in December of 2021, Maya shared the tragic news of her son Mason’s death due to stillbirth after a 38-week pregnancy. The family lives in Miami, Florida, and Maya has always worked hard to maintain a personal and professional life balance. Her recent loss has only strengthened her resolve to be more present for her children. But she has no intention to let that deter her from her work. Fans have always been curious to know how Maya has made her money and how much is her net worth. Well, here is what we know about her latest ventures and evaluation!

How Did Maya Vander Make Her Money?

Maya Vander was born in Eilat, Israel, on March 12, 1988. The Israeli native moved to the sprawling South Californian city of Los Angeles in 2002 and fell in love with the field of real estate. To make her dreams come true, Maya pushed herself hard in order to gain her agent license. In May of 2011, she joined Nourmand & Associates. After working there for nearly 2 years, Maya switched to Keller Williams Realty, Inc. in March of 2013.

Maya joined the famous The Oppenheim Group in February 2015 as one of the first female agents. Since then, she has been a crucial part of the team. In 2019, the company made its first appearance in ‘Selling Sunset,’ which showcases the personal and professional lives of its associates. The show made many of the Oppenheim’s employees household names, including Maya Vander. Given that she lives in Miami, Maya joined Douglas Elliman Real Estate in May 2017. As of writing, she works in both these companies, which allows her to utilize her skills fully.

Channeling her entrepreneurial spirit, Maya founded The Maya Vander Group, a real estate company based in Miami-Fort Lauderdale Area. Established in December 2020, the company’s announcement led to rumors citing her exit from The Oppenheim Group. However, the bicoastal agent has no plans to leave the LA group, as confirmed by USA Today. Similarly, she announced her own real estate course in January of 2022 called Maya’s Real Estate Success Training Course. Given her impressive resume, it’s natural to wonder how much Maya Vander is worth. Here’s what we know.

Maya Vander’s Net Worth

Maya Vander’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Given that the realtor sells houses worths millions of dollars and deals with high-end clientele, the figure is not that shocking. Based on the success of Maya’s company and the ample real estate opportunities in the region, her net worth may continue to see a rising trend in the coming months.

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