What is Monica Aldama’s Net Worth?

Monica Aldama is a real-life sports inspiration – tough, idealistic, and able to whip up a bunch of athletes into shape by a few well-placed remarks. Monica is a straight shooter and her “take no prisoners” attitude has helped her get to where she is today – coach of multiple times national champions in cheerleading. Yes, cheerleading is a sport and Monica is the best advocate for it, having led her team to victory 14 times in a career spanning 25 years.

Monica Aldama shot to fame, seemingly overnight, when Netflix released a six-part docuseries about the daily life of Monica and her students as they prepare their hardest routines for the national cheerleading championship. The docuseries, titled ‘Cheer‘, focuses on the difficulties the Navarro College Bulldogs (Monica’s cheer team) faces while they put in buckets of blood and sweat into training for the nationals.

Monica switches between a tough and strict coach and a motherly guide and voice of reason for her interactions with her students. She proves that being a cheerleading coach is not just about teaching her kids how to make a human pyramid or how to do perfectly balanced handstands. Monica is lovingly called “Queen” by her students and her team is called “dynasty”. She seems to rule over her reign of sporting excellence with an iron-fist and steely resolve. She is one tough cookie, displaying incredible leadership and is basically quite the force to reckon with. With Monica becoming a household name, it’s only natural for fans to wonder about how much wealth she has amassed. Here are the details of how Monica made her money and her overall net worth.

How Did Monica Aldama Make Her Money?

Monica used to dream of a Wall Street career after she got her finance degree and also got an MBA. But her life took a 180 degrees turn when an old acquaintance of hers told her about a job opening for cheer coach in Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas. Monica had been a gymnast all through her high school and college years and the idea of being a cheer coach appealed to her. She was, at that time, working at a computer company and all but hated her job. So she accepted the offer from Navarro College and made the move to Corsicana with her husband. That was 25 years ago.

When she took the reins of the cheerleading team, it was rather lackluster so she had to build the team from the ground up. No wonder their massively impressive winning history is attributed to Monica to quite an extent. To date, Monica’s team has won 14 national championships and five grand national championships, which is no small feat. So of course, it is not wrong to assume that Navarro must be paying Monica quite a fortune in exchange for her skill and expertise.

Ever since her rise to fame through the Netflix docuseries, Monica has also partnered up with multiple brands. Two of her collaborations are Objective Wellness’s Fast Asleep (dark chocolate supplements that regulate sleep) and Secret Deodorant.

Monica Aldama’s Net Worth

Monica has worked very hard for her achievements. Despite living in a small town, she is now a global name — thanks to the success of Cheer. And now with her being part of Dancing With the Stars and her becoming the brand ambassador of several companies, it is obvious that her star will continue to rise. According to our best estimates, Monica Aldama’s net worth is close to  $1 million. And going by the steady rise in her popularity, her wealth is slated to be on the upward curve also.

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