12 Best Movies and Shows About Cheerleading on Netflix (Jan 2024)

Cheerleading is an exciting sport. Usually, people think of it as simply a tool to cheer the players of some other game. It might have started that way, but cheerleading has become something better today. It has become a sport in itself and closely connects with gymnastics, which then follows a close relationship with dance. This way, cheerleading is not just about shouting slogans and reciting the letters of the team’s name. It is about dedication, strength, and talent. If you are interested in cheerleading or like to watch films that indulge in athletics and gymnastics, Netflix offers a wide range of stories in the genre to keep you entertained.

12. Dare Me (2019-2020)

Dare Me,’ a thrilling TV series, jumps into the competitive world of cheerleading, unveiling the dark underbelly beneath the glittering pom-poms and high-flying stunts. This engaging drama masterfully explores the intense friendships, power struggles, and secrets that underpin a high school cheer squad led by the enigmatic Coach Colette French. The series skillfully peels back the layers, revealing the physical and emotional demands of the sport, as well as the psychological and social complexities the cheerleaders face. ‘Dare Me’ captivates viewers with its edgy narrative, painting a vivid and, at times, chilling picture of the extreme dedication and ruthless ambition at the heart of competitive cheerleading. You can watch the series here.

11. Rebel Cheer Squad – A Get Even Series (2022 – 2023)

‘Rebel Cheer Squad,’ a British series created by Holly Phillips, puts a vibrant twist on the traditional cheerleader narrative. This teen thriller follows a trio of spirited cheerleaders at an elite private school who rekindle their classmates’ anti-bullying club. Embracing their unique blend of athleticism and resilience, the main characters channel their energy into combating various injustices. As cheerleaders with a mission, they prove that strength, unity, and spirited determination can make a difference, reshaping the typical cheerleader image in a captivating story of empowerment and justice. You may watch the show here.

10. Step Sisters (2018)

A single person never wins competitions. There is always a team involved. Even for sports, like gymnastics, that involve a single person to compete, there is a team of coaches and trainers and people who act as motivating figures in their lives. Jamilah knows the importance of teamwork. She knows the importance of a lot of things, that’s why she’s one of the best students in her school. She has an excellent reputation with the dean, she’s the president of her sorority, and has ambitious plans for her future. And the cherry on the top is her excellence at step dancing. However, upholding the institution’s name isn’t just hers to have. When a group of girls spoils that reputation, Jamilah is forced to train them and win a competition in step dancing. You can watch ‘Step Sisters’ here.

9. Jessica Darling’s It List (2016)

Directed by Ali Scher, ‘Jessica Darling’s It List’ is a teenage family drama movie that focuses on the themes of the trials of adolescence and embracing one’s true self. The film revolves around a 7th grader named Jessica Darling, who is ready for the new academic year and is unconcerned about the social hierarchies that typically exist in usual social settings. However, before her first day, her popular older sister Bethany offers the titular protagonist some crucial life advice and the key to climbing to the top of the popularity chain. Her instructions seem simple, but when Jessica puts them into practice, they almost always end up horribly. Although the film’s primary storyline is not cheerleading, the protagonist and other characters participate in it in multiple instances. Feel free to check out the movie here.

8. Senior Year (2022)

‘Senior Year,’ directed by Alex Hardcastle, is a charming comedy film that follows the journey of Stephanie Conway, a high school student who dreams of popularity and winning the prom queen title. After a cheerleading accident leaves her in a coma in 2002, she awakens in 2022 and returns to finish her senior year. However, she finds the social landscape has shifted dramatically. The film explores Stephanie’s quest to regain her popularity through social media and reflects on the value of authenticity and friendship. With a heartwarming story of self-discovery and redemption, ‘Senior Year’ is a nostalgic and relatable tale of growing up and staying true to oneself. You can check out the movie here.

7. Poms (2019)

Written by Zara Hayes and Shane Atkinson, ‘Poms’ is a comedy film that stars Diane Keaton, Jacki Weaver, Pam Grier, Celia Weston, and Alisha Boe. The movie centers upon Martha, an introverted woman looking to settle down unnoticed after moving to a retirement community. However, God has other plans for her as her fun-loving neighbor Sheryl is eager to become her best friend. Although Martha initially has reservations, she eventually becomes comfortable with Sheryl, and the two become great friends and open about their deepest desires to one another. While there is no shortage of activities to participate in the retirement community, the duo forms a cheerleading squad. You can stream the movie here.

6. Going for Gold (2018)

Moving from one place to another doesn’t allow a person to form a lasting bond. It is an exhausting practice because the same thing has to be done repeatedly, and all the energy you put into one place and its people goes to waste when you leave that place. Emma gets to learn this truth very early in her life. Her father serves in the military, and his assignments take him worldwide. Emma follows him, and while this gives her a chance to spend more time with her father, it also means she can’t have any real friends.

The only thing that keeps her going is her love for gymnastics. When she arrives in Australia, she tries to enter a gymnastics competition but is disqualified. The reason is a group of girls who think of themselves as better than everyone else. Ready to challenge authority, Emma forms her own cheerleading squad and vows to win the competition. She is prepared to, but are her teammates? You can stream the movie here.

5. Battle (2018)

Amalie comes from a wealthy family, so she knows the importance of every little thing, no matter how superficial they might be. Appearances are important, and so is your money, more than skill sometimes. But all Amalie has is the skill of dancing, which remains with her when her father goes bankrupt. With her financial status withered so drastically, her equation with her friends stumbles. This gives her a chance to form new friendships. It is during this time that she meets Michael, a street dancer. His way of dancing and that of hers are very different. But Amalie learns that expression matters more than your form, and she decides to express herself to the world with her dance in the best possible manner. This is what the movie ‘Battle’ entails, and you can stream it right here.

4. Cheer (2020)

The docuseries ‘Cheer,’ created by Greg Whiteley, is a gripping and emotional exploration of the world of competitive cheerleading. This six-episode series, which premiered on Netflix, follows the journey of the Navarro College Bulldogs cheerleading team as they strive for success at the national championships. ‘Cheer’ offers a compelling look into the dedication, passion, and sacrifices made by the athletes and their coach, Monica Aldama, as they aim for perfection in their routines while facing personal challenges. The series combines intense athleticism with personal narratives, creating a heartwarming and often heart-wrenching portrayal of the physical and emotional toll of competitive cheerleading. You can stream it here.

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3. Raising the Bar (2016)

Whenever we see a success story, we see the struggles a person goes through and conquers to attain their goals. However, life keeps moving forward, and once you’ve reached one goal, another comes in the line of sight. The story of success is a never-ending one because success will not stay forever. It is not just the people who work towards it but also those who seek to maintain it. And honestly, maintaining something is much harder than simply acquiring it. ‘Raising the Bar’ tells one such story.

Kelly is a 16-year-old who has secured a place in an elite gymnastics team in America. What more could a young gymnast ask for? From here, it seems that Kelly only has to look forward; there is no going back. But it all comes to an end when she quits for various reasons. She moves to Australia, and, for the time being, it seems like she has left that life behind. But something you’ve dedicated your whole life to doesn’t disappear overnight. Soon, Kelly finds herself in a position where going back to gymnastics is the only way to solve the problem. You can watch the movie here.

2. Work It (2020)

Laura Terruso’s ‘Work It’ is a dance comedy film that features stand-out performances by Sabrina Carpenter, Liza Koshy, Keiynan Lonsdale, and Michelle Buteau. The movie revolves around an 18-year-old intelligent young adult named Quinn Ackerman who plans to attend Duke University, following in the footsteps of her father. To stand out, she works relentlessly to achieve near perfection as a dancer to compete and prove herself to others. But are dreams of making it to a college as prestigious as Duke worth the risks she takes? Can dance bring the best out in her? While such questions may discourage most people, Quinn takes the challenges in her path head-on and works relentlessly to be the best. You can check out the movie here.

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1. Cuties (2020)

Written and directed by Maïmouna Doucouré, ‘Cuties’ is a French coming-of-age drama film. The movie revolves around an 11-year-old Senegalese-French girl named Mariam. She is disillusioned with Islam because of her mother’s marriage and is eager to join her neighbor Angelica’s pre-teen twerking clique. As she opens herself more to the online world, the innocent teenager makes several wrong decisions that backfire and push her friends away. With a conflicted and uncertain future ahead of herself, can Mariam make the right decisions and follow her heart? You can stream the film here.

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