10 Best Movies About Cheerleading on Netflix Right Now

Cheerleading is a very interesting sport. Normally, people think of it as something that is simply a tool to cheer the players of some other game. It might have started that way, but cheerleading has grown to be something better today. It has become a sport in itself and has a close connection with gymnastics, which then follows a close relationship with dance. This way, cheerleading is not just about shouting slogans and reciting the alphabets of the name of the team. It is about dedication and strength and talent. If you are interested in cheerleading or like to watch films that indulge in athletics and gymnastics, then we have you covered. Here’s the list of really good cheerleading movies on Netflix that are available to stream right now:

10. Dance Off (2014)

Dance and athletics belong to the same family. The energy, the focus, the routine, the dedication, all the hard work that is needed for dance is equally necessary for a gymnast as well. ‘Dance Off’ is the story of a boy who gets a chance to not only change the financial situation of his family but also mend a broken relationship. Brandon had been in love with Jasmine ever since he could remember. There were only two things he saw in his future — her and dance. He was a ballet star and everything was going fine until his mother’s job forced them to relocate. This parting of ways didn’t set in well with Jasmine, who came from a well-off family and thus, couldn’t understand the importance of their move. After some time, their paths reunite when a national dance competition gives them a chance to prove their worth. Only this time, he and Jasmine are not on the same team.

9. Step Sisters (2018)

Competitions are never won by a single person. There is always a team involved. Even for the sports, like gymnastics, that involve a single person to compete, there is a team of coaches and trainers and people who act as motivating figures in their lives. Jamilah knows the importance of teamwork. She knows the importance of a lot of things, that’s why she’s one of the best students in her school. She has a great reputation with the dean, she’s the president of her sorority, and has ambitious plans for her future. And the cherry on the top is her excellence at step dancing. However, the responsibility of upholding the name of the institution isn’t just hers to have. When a group of girls spoil that reputation, Jamilah is forced to train them and win a competition of step dancing.

8. A 2nd Chance (2011)

‘A 2nd Chance’ follows the story of a woman who receives the opportunity to lead a team of young gymnasts to the National gymnastics’ competition. However, talent is not the problem here. The children have some other issues that they need to grow over. When the coach falls ill, Kate is offered the job to train the gymnastics team. Due to her own experience with the sport, which had not ended so well for her, Kate is initially hesitant about it. Anyway, there is no other option for her. There, she meets three talented children who have a great flair for the sport. They just need some polishing. Other than that, their main problem is being bullied and picked on by other children. Kate realizes that unless they overcome this problem, they will not be able to give their best to the sport. And if they can’t do that, they won’t be able to make it to the national competition.

7. Chalk it Up (2016)

Success is the sweetest revenge, and Apple’s story is a very good example of that. Apple doesn’t have many dreams. She’s in high-school, she edits everyone else’s papers, and she has a perfect boyfriend who plays ruby. At this point, had you asked her where she sees herself in ten years, she’d most probably have answered, married to Todd. She loves him very much and this is why when the rugby team gets disbanded, she starts a cheerleading group to get her boyfriend’s team back in business. Despite all the efforts she has made for his sake, Todd doesn’t respond so well to her dedication. Once back in business, he calls quits on her relationship. In time, Apple realises that her life is much more than about a silly boy. An upcoming competition allows her to prove her worth and that of her teammates. If you like cheerleading films, then this will be a real treat for you. The fact that ‘Chalk it Up’ is directed by a gymnast gives it a lot more credibility.

6. Going for Gold (2018)

Moving from one place to another doesn’t allow a person to form a lasting bond. It is an exhausting practice because the same thing has to be done over and over again, and all the energy you put in one place and its people goes to waste when you leave that place. Emma gets to learn this truth very early in her life. Her father serves in the military and his assignments take him all over the world. Emma follows him and while this gives her a chance to spend more time with her father, it also means that she can’t have any real friends. The only thing that keeps her going is her love for gymnastics. When she arrives in Australia, she tries to enter a gymnastic competition but is disqualified from it. A group of girls who think themselves better than everyone else are the reason for it. Ready to challenge authority, Emma forms her own cheerleading squad and vows to win the competition. She is absolutely ready, but are her teammates?

5. Battle (2018)

Amalie comes from a rich family and that’s why she knows the importance of every little thing, no matter how superficial they might be. Appearances are important and so is your money, more than skill sometimes. But all Amalie has is a skill of dancing, and this is what remains with her when her father goes bankrupt. With her financial status withered so drastically, her equation with her friends stumbles. This gives her a chance to form new friendships. It is during this time that she meets Michael, a street dance. His way of dancing and that of hers are very different. But Amalie learns that expression matters more than your form, and she decides to express herself to the world with her dance in the best possible manner.

4. Kiss and Cry (2017)

There are many things that allow you an excuse to stray away from your path, become complacent in your quest, and take a break from the work that would go into making your dreams a reality. While you may have the commodity of time, there are some people who can’t afford it. One would think that putting a clock on someone’s life would dissuade them from doing anything, like winning a competition or trying to make a mark in the world. They have the perfect excuse, right? I won’t commit to my dreams because I’ll die soon. Figure skater and dancer, Carley Allison wasn’t one of those people and that’s why her story inspired a film. Carley was diagnosed with rare cancer at a very young age. She had very less time left, and she made the best use of it.

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3. Raising the Bar (2016)

Whenever we see a success story, we see the struggles that a person goes through and conquers in order to attain their goals. However, life keeps moving forward and once you’ve reached one goal, another comes in the line of sight. The story of success is a never-ending one because success will not stay forever. It is not just the people who work towards it, but also the ones who seek to maintain it. And honestly, maintaining something is much harder than simply acquiring it. ‘Raising the Bar’ tells one such story.

Kelly is a 16-year-old who has secured a place in an elite gymnastics team in America. What more could a young gymnast ask for? From here, it seems that Kelly only has to look forward, there is no going back. But it all comes to end when she quits due to some reasons. She moves to Australia and, for the time being, it seems like she has left that life behind. But something that you’ve dedicated your whole life to doesn’t disappear overnight. Soon, Kelly finds herself in a position where going back to gymnastics is the only way to work the problem.

2. Full Out (2015)

If you want some inspiration to help you achieve your goals, you must watch this inspiring true story of Ariana Berlin. Ariana had shown a knack for gymnastics from a very young age. Her future was bright and the career prospects were high. However, she met her lowest point when she met a car accident. The mishap not only hurt her physically but also gave her a mental and emotional setback. She found it difficult to go back to her sport, and eventually, decided to give it up. Since athleticism was in her bones, she couldn’t quite let go of her. Her first step of recovery came in the form of break-dancing. It was during a dance competition that Berlin met Valorie Kondos. With her encouragement, Ariana was able to gather her willpower and decided to go back to the world of gymnastics. However, making a return proved to be even tougher than breaking into it in the first place. However, no matter what the difficulties, hard work and perseverance can get you anywhere.

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1. Dance Academy (2013)

‘Dance Academy’ is an Australian drama that follows the story of a young dancer who juggles her normal life along with the dedication to achieve her dreams. In three seasons, the story covers a lot of ground about her emotional growth and a better understanding of dance. ‘Dance Academy: The Movie’ is the continuation of this story. If you haven’t seen the series, you should do it before watching the film, because it picks up the story 18 months after the events of the series finale. It follows the protagonist Tara Webster’s journey to become a ballerina star.

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