Nicki Nicole Net Worth: How Wealthy is the Rapper?

Nicole Denise Cucco, popularly known as Nicki Nicole, is a young rapper from Argentina who captured the world’s attention very early. In a very short time, the musician has garnered many fans and worked with some of the best-known figures within the entertainment industry. Nicki’s fame is especially prevalent in the Latin American regions of the world, and she was even one of the judges in Netflix’s ‘The Signing,’ AKA ‘La Firma.’ Her reality TV appearance has made people wonder about her work and how much the artist has earned via the same.

How Did Nicki Nicole Earn Her Money?

Born on August 25, 2000, in Santa Fe, Argentina, Nicki became interested in music very young. For her education, she worked hard and graduated from Colegio Comunidad Educativa La Paz, an educational institution in Rosario, Santa Fe. However, Nicki’s main love was for music, a field she was undoubtedly gifted in, especially when it came to the beloved Urbano genre. Her breakthrough started with her very first single, ‘Wapo Traketero,’ which was released in April 2019.

“Wapo Traketero” launched Nicki to fame, leading her to partner with Bizarrap for “Nicki Nicole: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 13.” The latter became a massive hit after being released in August 2019 and ranked three on the Billboard Argentina Hot 100. This only marked the start of the singer’s career, who would release many hit songs. Her first-ever song to be on the top of Argentina’s Billboard was “Mamichula.” Released in 2020, the song also topped the Spanish music charts.

Due to her status as a rising star, Nicki has been honored with many nominations and accolades. Her first notable nomination was for the 2019 Martin Fierro Digital Awards, when she was nominated for the Best Music Artist category. In addition, Nicki won two Spotify Awards in 2020 for Radar Artist – Trap in Spanish and Most Streamed Artist in Consoles. The same year saw her being nominated for a Latin Grammy. Moreover, Nicki has won the 2020 Premios Quiero Award for Best Rap/Trap/Hip Hop Video, the 2021 Gardel Award for Best Urban/Trap Collaboration, and LOS40 Music Awards 2021 for being the Best Latin New Artist.

Nicki Nicole’s Net Worth

Due to her fame as a singer, Nicki Nicole has not only established herself as a hit artist but is also well-loved on social media. Presently, she has more than 14 million Instagram followers, and an influencer with a similar-sized fanbase would likely make about $100,000 for a single post. Additionally, her songs have been streamed on platforms like Spotify hundreds of millions of times, making her significant money. Combining these factors, we estimate Nicki Nicole’s net worth to be about $20 million.

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