What Is Sammy Maloof’s Net Worth?

Netflix’s ‘Drive Hard: The Maloof Way’ is an exciting reality show that revolves around the Maloof family and their family-run auto repair shop, Mahloof Racing Engines. Interestingly apart from running the popular repair shop, Sammy Maloof, the head of the family, is also an established stuntman and racer and had made quite a name for himself in the entertainment industry. While it is clear that Sammy worked really hard to build his empire, fans are intrigued to know more about his current net worth. Well, let’s find out, shall we?

How Did Sammy Maloof Earn His Money?

Interestingly, Sammy has been interested in automobiles and the automobile industry since he was a young teenager, and sources mentioned that he even installed a small block engine in his father’s vehicle at 14 years of age. Furthermore, his talent in automobile repair was recognized while in high school, and the teenager was even awarded a Mickey Thompson Scholarship Award. Thus, it was no surprise when Sammy turned to the world of cars once he got out of school and was ready to take a decision about his professional life.

While the first car Sammy ever drove was a 1968 Z28 Camaro in black and gold, the mechanic revealed that he used to race for the Mexican cartel and made them quite a bit of money. Racing for the cartel was challenging as one wrong move or a single defeat could lead to death. Still, Sammy loved the thrill of it all and reportedly was never beaten in the street racing scene.

However, as years passed, Sammy had a change of heart and decided to move away from street racing. That was when he gathered his experience and, in 1984, established his own company Maloof Racing Engines. To this very day, Maloof Racing Engines caters to top racers and are known for their incredible work and attention to detail. Interestingly, while running Maloof Racing Engines, Sammy decided to branch out and use his skills as a racer to become a stuntman under SAG-AFTRA. It took him absolutely no time to climb to the top, and soon Sammy became one of the most sought-after stunt artists in the industry.

In fact, he has been an active stuntman for over 29 years and has worked in movies like ‘Fast and Furious,’ ‘Mission Impossible,’ ‘Three Kings,’ and ‘The Hitcher’ among others. Besides, with time, he even helped his daughters become experienced stunt artists and at present, runs Maloof Racing Engines alongside his children and wife. Additionally, he also mentors people and helps them unlock their inner potential through his organization, Winning The Race of Life.

Sammy Maloof’s Net Worth

Even though Sammy Maloof works as a mechanic, he does not have a fixed income as the money is dependent on the kind of work a client needs done on their car. As per the show, most jobs fetch the team around $10,000, and after paying taxes as well as the salaries of everyone involved, Sammy pockets something around $2000. Moreover, Maloof Racing Engines often finances racers to participate in big-money races and gets a significant cut if their contestant goes over the finish line first.

On the other hand, apart from working as a mechanic, Sammy also has a flourishing career as a stunt artist and is paid quite handsomely for each performance. Taking everything into account, we can put Sammy’s annual salary at around $800,000, which, coupled with his long career and current status as a reality TV star, puts his net worth at around $10 to $12 million.

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