What is the Black Turtleneck Cult in I’m a Virgo? What do They Want From Cootie?

Prime Video’s ‘I’m a Virgo’ follows a 19-year-old Cootie who steps out into the world for the first time. His aunt and uncle had kept him away from everyone else and raised him in secret because Cootie was too tall for the world to accept him as a normal person. By the time he decides to reveal himself, he is 13ft tall. While Cootie is a mild-mannered and curious person, to the people who don’t know, he is a giant and hence, dangerous. People are scared of him, and some even want him imprisoned or gone.

While Cootie has many haters, he discovers that there is a group of people who revere him. They are always dressed in a turtleneck and have a coffee cup in their hands. Who are these people, and what do they want from Cootie? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

What Does the Cult Want From Cootie?

When Cootie is revealed to the world as the Twamp Monster, his aunt and uncle tell him to get a job if he is to afford all the things he wants to do, including buying burgers at the place where Flora works. Work comes to Cootie as a sports agent lands him a job at the mall, working as a model for Asphalt Royalty, a clothing company. He puts on the clothes and is put on display to the world, like a mannequin.

On his first day at the job, a group of strange people come to him. Their leader speaks to Cootie with great reverence. He reveals that they are the followers of Sam Woodson, the leader of their cult who died a few years back. Woodson was from Novato, and he prophecized the arrival of the Great Polypheme. He left his prophecies on sticky notes, which have now become the bible for his followers.

The unnamed cult leader reveals they have waited decades for Cootie’s arrival. Previously, his aunt, LaFrancine, mentioned that there is a giant like Cootie in every generation. By this logic, Cootie’s existence wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who had been following the stories of giants over the years. It is possible that Sam Woodson knew about this and, thus, prophecized something that would actually come true. The rest, however, is up in the air.

As if there wasn’t enough to question the credibility of a cult that declares that Cootie is their Messiah, it seems that none of their leader’s prophecies is true. The new leader is twisting the words to make it look like it’s all real. Woodson wrote that the giant would come from a desolate place. Cootie argues that he is from Oakland, which isn’t really a desolate place. However, one could argue that most of Cootie’s life was spent in desolation.

Further, the giant was supposed to be born in October, but Cootie’s birthday is in August. The cult argues that August is the eighth month, and in Ceaser’s calendar, October was supposed to be the eighth month. When Cootie refuses to be their Messiah, they take it as yet another sign. “And the Messiah will deny his own existence,” they say, consoling themselves that they are right, and one day, Cootie will bestow wisdom and enlightenment upon them.

Despite their efforts to turn Cootie into their god, he refuses to take his place by their side. It turns out to be for the best because, in the final episode, the cult reveals its true nature. Interestingly, they call him the Polypheme, a Cyclops in Greek mythology. A cyclops has only one eye. When the cult finally has Cootie in their grip, they try to take one of his eyes.

If he doesn’t bestow it with his words, his eye shall serve the purpose. According to another sticky note, the Messiah is supposed to sacrifice one eye to save all of them. It’s not clear how they intend to use the eye, but for a cult set in an absurd world, the possibilities are endless. They believe that the eye is supposed to impart wisdom, sight, and virility to them. All of this points towards the fact that the cult wants to eat Cootie’s eye, as instructed by the leader who left his gospel on sticky notes.

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