What is the Emerald Malkia in First Kill? Who is the Keeper of the Emerald Malkia?

Netflix’s ‘First Kill’ introduces audiences to an unlikely romance between a vampire and a vampire hunter. Juliette and Calliope are classmates that fall for one another but are kept apart by their respective legacies. The former comes from a long line of vampires, while the latter hails from a family of celebrated monster-hunters. As Juliette and Calliope struggle to preserve their budding relationship, they set off a whirlwind of gruesome events.

Apart from being natural adversaries, the main reason the two protagonists are torn apart is their impressive legacy. Since both belong to ancient and powerful groups, their romance risks destabilizing a crucial balance. Juliette’s faction believes in the Malkia, and there seems to be an internal struggle regarding the post of the Keeper of the Malkia. Here’s all you need to know about the magical Emerald Malkia from the world of ‘First Kill.’

What is the Emerald Malkia?

The emerald Malkia is a magical snake that symbolizes the ancient vampiric order’s power. The top positions within the vampire ranks are held by the powerful legacy vampires, who also act as protectors of the Malkia. In fact, Juliette comes from a line of legacy vampires, and her grandmother, Davina, is one of the highest-ranking members of the order.

The snake itself is quite ethereal and appears only when summoned. For the most part, it is visible during ceremonies like Juliette’s initiation ritual (which is a bit of a disaster since the young vampire lies about killing her first victim). Notably, the magical emerald green snake also appears near the end of season 1, while Theo is turning into a vampire.

There also seems to be a connection between Juliette’s father, Sebastian, and the emerald Malkia. Despite him being a lower rung “made” vampire who isn’t allowed to be a protector of the Malkia, it seems like Sebastian mysteriously begins to channel the magical snake. This is depicted by his eyes glowing emerald green, matching the snake’s emerald hue.

Who is the Keeper of the Emerald Malkia?

At the start of the show, Juliette’s grandmother Davina is the Keeper of the Malkia. From what we can piece together, the post is one reserved for the heads of the oldest vampire families and is passed on from generation to generation. Since the order of the vampires is a matriarchy, it is the highest-ranking female member of the ancient Atwood family who is the Keeper of the Malkia.

Image Credit: Brian Douglas/Netflix

Thus, when Davina Atwood is killed by Sebastian, the post of Keeper transfers to her daughter, Margot. However, this transition is a secret since Davina’s murder is not revealed to the order for fear of retribution. Though it isn’t clear what powers the Keeper grants, the post likely confers special abilities. This is likely why Juliette’s power-hungry elder sister Elinor, who is now next in line and is the “Keeper in waiting,” is so impatient to hold the post.

Season 1 closes with particular reference to the Keeper of the Malkia. Margot receives a letter from the vampire order asking for her presence at a meeting attended by the Keeper of the Malkia. Since the order doesn’t realize Davina is dead, they still consider her the Keeper, and Margot is summoned as the Keeper in waiting. Of course, the letter also means that at the upcoming event, it will become clear that Davina has been murdered, which could prove disastrous for Juliette’s family if they are discovered as the perpetrators.

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