11 Best Vampire TV Shows on Netflix Right Now

Bloodsuckers have been a part of the silver screen since ages now. All of these vampire characters were developed on some common ground but also exhibited uniqueness of their own. Vampire movies were a great trend back in the day when such movies just kept coming one after the other. But slowly, they reached saturation and slowed down a little. The only vampire movies we see now are the ones with shiny skins and good intentions. God knows what happened to classic horror. No one takes vampires seriously anymore, just how zombies cannot be taken seriously after ‘Warm Bodies‘.

But Vampires are not really dead yet. I mean, of course, they don’t really exist at all but I’m not talking about them being dead in real life. I’m talking about them still being out there on the silver screen. You can read that again if you want, but I’m telling you there’s still hope because there are some really amazing TV series out there that still have a Vampire Renaissance going on. And the best part is that a lot of these TV shows can be found on Netflix. Below you will find a list of some of the best vampire shows out there on Netflix and they may not exactly be like the classic vampires but they’re still better than shiny little snowflakes. Here’s the list of really good vampire shows on Netflix that are available to stream right now.

11. Penny Dreadful (2014)

‘Penny Dreadful’ is a great show that still has that classic feel to it. It revolves around the life of four individuals – Scientist Victor Frankenstein, Medium Vanessa Ives, Explorer Malcolm Murray, and American Gunslinger Ethan Chandler. All four of them combine forces and together fight supernatural threats that haunt the streets of Victorian London. The show overall gives out a very gothic kind of a vibe and also has some great gory action scenes. It’s also quite odd for what it is and its something unlike any other show out there. Because of its uniqueness, it may not appeal to everyone, but once you get captivated by its visuals, you’ll stick to it all the way till the end.

10. Immortals (2018)

The original title of ‘Immortal’ is ‘Yasamayanlar’. Set in Istanbul, it tells the story of a young woman, Mia, who falls into the wrath of a vampire named Dmitry who transforms her into a vampire to revive himself back to life. But Mia hates being a Vampire and wants to live the life of a normal human being again. Mia starts her own team of young rebels who together have only one intention: to destroy Dmitry. This one seems more like a parody of typical American vampire drama TV shows. This would probably be more suitable for the local Turkish audience but overall, it lacks substance.

9. Blood (2018)

The original title of this Korean drama is ‘Beulreodue’ and it is set in a hospital where a vampire works as a doctor. Wouldn’t that be convenient? The series portrays a battle between the good and bad working at the hospital and meanwhile, a flawless love story goes on during all of this chaos. This show is not gory or violent in any way, which is weird for a vampire themed show and it also does not have any romantic cliches like the other Korean dramas. Its uniqueness actually makes it a really good show for those who are into Korean drama TV shows. It has a great storyline and even the actors manage to do a fairly decent job. Also, this one is not exactly about vampires as we know them, but about a virus that turns people into these bloodthirsty humans which actually seems like an interesting concept.

8. Devil’s Line (2018)

This new anime series tells a very unique and different tale of Vampires. The Vampires in this lurk amongst us human beings and can not be differentiated from us in any possible way. The only people who know they exist are the ones who have seen them in their true form. The government has no clue that these rare species exist all around us. These vampires don’t usually need blood but every time they get a craving for blood or get really pissed off by something, they turn into these unstoppable monsters. Most people who had seen them in their true monster form did not live to tell tales about it.

7. Van Helsing (2016)

We’ve all heard of Abraham Van Helsing, the scientist, and Dracula hunter from the classic Dracula novels. The show revolves around his daughter who goes by the name Vanessa Helsing who is resurrected back to Earth only to find that Vampires now rule the entire world and she may be our last hope to restore peace in a world where bloodthirsty monsters lurk in the shadows. If you enjoy watching post-apocalyptic worlds, then you’ll absolutely love this one. Just make sure you don’t judge this one from the first few episodes, it gets much better with time. The show has been running well since 2016 and hopefully will have something even better to offer ahead.

6. Hemlock Grove (2013)

This show just goes on getting creepier with each episode and if that’s your thing, then start watching it today. It revolves around a small town called ‘Hemlock Grove’ that’s full of dirty secrets and lies. But an incident changes everything and it starts revealing a darker secret that the town was hiding all this while. Evils that were hidden in plain sight now reveal themselves as they come out of closed curtains, opening everyone’s eyes to the lie they were living in till now. This show can get horrifyingly graphic and gory at times but for some weird reason, that itself is very addictive about this show.  If you can handle some bloodshed, then definitely give this one a try. It’s a great show once you start to get a hang of its weirdness.

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5. Castlevania (2017)

This anime is insanely good and is actually inspired by a video game. The plot of this anime follows a war between bloodthirsty beasts and a man who is the only survivor of the Belmont Clan, a clan that was known for hunting vampires. When the Dracula’s wife is burnt alive for practicing witchcraft, he loses his mind and unleashes bloodsucking monsters to end all of humanity. That’s where Trevor Belmont comes in as the last hope of humanity as he is the only person who can bring the lunacy of the Dracula to an end. The best representation of vampires is right here in this show and others should watch and learn. But the show may not be for everyone, because it is a pure slaughterhouse.

4. From Dusk Till Dawn (2014)

This series was aired for two years from the year 2014 to 2016 and has a total of 30 episodes. It tells the story of how a Ranger gets caught in the middle of a vampire-infested desert bar along with the Gecko brothers and their hostages while chasing them. Once they start absorbing the reality of their surroundings, they realize that they are right inside a storm of a vampire conspiracy. The show retells the story of the classic movie, ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ and does a fairly good job in keeping up with the original story. Overall, it’s a great vampire show that you shouldn’t be missing out on.

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3. The Originals (2013)

‘The Originals’ is a ‘Vampire Diaries’ spin-off and at times proves to be even better than the original show. The story revolves around the Mikaelson siblings from the ‘Vampire Diaries‘ who are known as the Originals in the show. The siblings move to New Orleans to fight against a threat that comes up against their strongest brother, Klaus who expects a half breed baby with his werewolf wife. To ensure that the baby stays safe, ”the Originals” will have to fight many evil forces that will try their best to harm the baby. This show is absolutely amazing and by far one of the best on this list. Highly recommended for those who are looking for vampire TV shows.

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2. The Kirlian Frequency (2017)

‘The Kirlian Frequency’ has those Stephen King vibes to it. It revolves around a bunch of short stories that are broadcasted by a late night DJ on his frequency. But these tales are no less than ordinary. They are the creepiest stories of a lost and still hidden town city called Kirlian that experiences one of the strangest and the scariest events you’ll ever encounter. ‘Kirlian Frequency’ is still catching up with other shows of its genre and is not yet entirely out there. But the show has a very unique animation style and a very gripping narration that shows that it holds immense potential.

1. The Vampire Diaries (2009)

Probably one of the most popular vampire shows out there, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ follows the story of a girl, Elena who meets a guy named Stefan. Something really clicks between the two but later, she finds out that there is something very unusual about Stefan and his brother Damon. They’re both actually vampires. The show offers 8 seasons of teenage drama along with some supernatural vampire action and rivalry. The series is highly popular for reason, and it will surely get you hooked.

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