10 Best Witch Movies on Netflix Right Now

Movies about witchcraft can be the darkest movies ever known to us like the ‘Blair Witch Project‘ but on the other hand, they can be can also bring back the sweetest nostalgic memories of the good old days which in my case would be the ‘Harry Potter Series‘. A lot of times, witches are also portrayed as these strong feminist figures with immense strength and power and then there are times they’re depicted as horrifying flesh-eating characters from a different dimension. Now whatever your reason may be to watch witch movies – whether it is to get spooked out with some bone-chilling horror flicks or to just have a good time with your family watching some strong empowered women in some strong lead roles, we’ve got a long list of some really good witch movies available on Netflix right now just for you. So get out your sacred candles, your glass crystals, spellbooks to recite incantations and most of all your wands and say “Accio Witch Movies” (Harry Potter reference). You will find witchcraft movies as well on the list.

10. A Witches’ Ball (2017)

The witches in this one are the complete opposite of evil. One of these angel-like witches is a cute little 12-year-old Beatrix. Beatrix has been eagerly waiting for the yearly Witches’ Ball where all the members of the witchcraft world gather and welcome new young members like Beatrix. But when some unfortunate events lead to Beatrix’s incomplete witch status being threatened, she takes the help of her friend Muggs to get past all the magical barriers that’ll come her way. ‘A Witches’ Ball’ is the kind of movie you can sit and watch with your kids or family on a free weekend. Or if you’re busy one day and want to keep your kids engaged, just tune this in on Netflix.

9. Soloman Kane (2009)

Soloman Kane is destined to go to hell, he knows this after meeting the grim reaper himself. He decides to pay for the sins of his past by completely giving up on the violence of any kind. But when a Puritan girl named Meredith Crowthorn is abducted and her family is brutally killed right in front of his eyes by an evil witch. He is forced to break his vow against violence and rescue the girl from the claws of the sorcerer. Don’t judge this from the outside because you probably don’t know anyone in the cast. It’s a pretty decent movie with a video game sort of a story and a good watch if you’re considering a movie from this sub-genre.

8. Stardust (2007)

A young man goes on a journey to a far off fantasy land through a small breach in the wall of an English village searching for a fallen star to prove his love for a woman from his village. When he reaches the magical land, he discovers that the fallen star is actually a maiden named Yvaine. But he is not the only one who wants the fallen star. Three witches from the magical land want her so that they can be young again and the sons of three kings also seek her so that they can sit on the throne after acquiring a ruby that she holds. Who will get their hands on the fallen maiden, the young guy who wants to prove his worth to his lover, three evil witches or the three sons of dead kings who desire power? The best part about the movie is that you can watch this with anyone. It’s not too much of Disney fairytale type fantasy and not at all a movie that’s only meant for adults. With a very unique plot and some amazing visuals, it’s one of the best in this sub-genre.

7. Little Witch Academia (2013)

This one is for all the anime fans out there. ‘Little Witch Academia’ is a short movie for all ages. It revolves around the adventure of a young aspiring witch named Akko who joins the Little Witch Academia in the hope that she will one day be like Shiny Chariot, who is a powerful witch she looks up to even when other witches around her hold Shiny in low regard. Akko struggles with schooling as she does not belong to a family of witches like most other witches at the academy. She has to work harder than other witches in doing the simplest things like flying a broom. But she eventually does find her way and becomes the great Witch she aspired to become. This movie is fun, hilarious at times and full of surprises. A must watch for all anime lovers.

6. The Conjuring (2013)

If you’re looking for a Witch flick that’ll scare the hell out of you and send chills all the way down to your bones, then you need to watch this one. ‘The Conjuring‘ is known to be one of the best horror movies of our generation and will definitely keep you up all night clinging onto your covers. It’s based on the true story of a family that moves to a new house starts experiencing the most terrifying events all over the house. They later find out that they’re being haunted by the ghost of a Witch who had committed suicide by hanging herself on a tree in their backyard. They seek help from a paranormal investigating couple who try to restore the happiness of the distressed family. The movie is almost perfect with its brilliant actors, terrifying jump scares and dark plot. Give this one a watch if you’re in the mood for some dark tales of witches.

5. Apostle (2018)

Thomas Richardson decides to go to a remote island to look for his abducted sister who has been kidnapped by a very strange religious cult there. Knowing the dangerous consequences of this Thomas is determined to rescue his sister from the wrath of the sinister cult. Soon Thomas begins to scorch the deepest secrets of the cult and makes them regret luring him into their mess. Anyone who is a fan of watching weird religious cult practices without indulging too much into a particular religion then you should definitely give this one a chance.

4. The Witch (2015)

‘The Witch’ is a frightening story set in 1630s New England, portraying the story of a family that moves to a new house near an endless green field of wilderness. The family was earlier banished from the church for being devoid Christianity. Everything seems to be going fine for them after moving away from the main city when one day their newborn baby suddenly vanishes in this air. Slowly the members of the family start losing themselves to the stress and frustration of their missing baby and their failing crop. All this leads to everyone blaming and despising each other. Things get darker when their daughter is possessed by a witch that lives in the forest and their faith is questioned. ‘The Witch’ is not the kind of horror movie that scars you with jump scare, it’s the kind of film that has a dark and sinister plot that will burn slowly yet effectively and will etch a deeper impact you, giving you goosebumps long after you’re done watching it.

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3. Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade (2015)

The sequel of the first movie in the series which has already been mentioned above in the list. This extension to the origin story is as good as the first one. In this one, future witch Akko and her friends are assigned the task of organizing an event known as the Enchanted Parade as a punishment for causing trouble in class at the academy. Akko and her friend end up doing things slightly in an offbeat way surprising everyone with the positive energy of the parade. If you enjoyed watching the two simple yet beautiful animated movies, you’ll love the small series extension of these that came out in 2017.

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2. Mary and the Witch’s Flower (2017)

This is another great anime movie on this list. It’s based on a story called “The little Broomstick” written by Mary Stewart. The movie starts with the story of a young ordinary girl named Mary who seems to have no fun and no friend at all in the place where she lives. One day she finds a mysterious little brown and rare flower inside a forest near her house. Mary gets drifted to Endor college- School of magic through the broom and the rare flower. The school is run by Madam Mumblechook and Doctor Dee. But all is not well at the school of magic and Mary has to suffer some serious consequences for a lie. This anime has some stunning animation and also some amazing background scores. Overall, it’s a great visual feast of a simple yet deep story of a little girl trying to find her place in this world.

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1. The Ritual (2017)

When four friends (Luke being one of them) get together to pay their tribute to their dead friend, they decide to hike down a forest. But soon, they get lost in the thick dense forest and unknowingly start to drift towards a direction where they’re followed by an evil ancient presence that has been lurking in that part of the forest since ages. The witch-like monster that haunts them will surely give you the chills. The only problem most people have this one is the ending which isn’t all that bad either. Don’t go on the low rating; watch it to experience a spooky psychological horror thriller.

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