15 Best Turkish Shows on Netflix (March 2024)

One of the great things about Netflix is that it has opened the audience to international content in an unprecedented way. With endless movies and TV shows at our disposal, it can get somewhat overwhelming to decide what to watch next. Every year, a new slate of content from a different country is added to the streaming service, and amidst all of them, Turkish TV shows have managed to carve out a place for themselves, delivering everything from romance and thriller to mind-bending shows that make you question the nature of reality.

15. Who Were We Running From? (2023- )

Directed by Umut Aral, this crime thriller is based on Turkish author Perihan Mağden’s novel ‘Whom Were We Running From?’ The series follows a mother-daughter duo, Mother (Melisa Sözen) and Bambi (Eylül Tumbar), as they hop from one luxury hotel to another, not returning to the same hotel. They have been doing it for quite some time because Mother believes that a threat is following them. Soon, dead bodies begin to pile up, and it is Mother whom the evidence points at. Will Bambi be of any help to her mother, or will it do her better to escape? To find out, you can stream ‘Who Were We Running From?’ here.

14. As the Crow Flies (2022)

Created by Meriç Acemi, ‘As the Crow Flies’ showcases a war between ego and ambition. When teenage intern Asli Tuna (Miray Daner) meets the woman of her dreams, seasoned news anchor Lale Kiran (Birce Akalay), one of Turkey’s best and the host of the show The Other Side, Asli is at a loss for words. However, Kiran’s cold words only make her more determined to make her way into Kiran’s newsroom and take over, if not pull her down. Soon, Asli manages to use social media to create a fake invitation and reach the news network where Kiran works. What follows is how Asli tries to be at level with Lale in a world where the desire to be seen reigns supreme. Their dynamic is underscored by the politics of a newsroom and makes for a gripping drama. The rest of the ‘As the Crow Flies’ cast includes İbrahim Çelikkol, Burak Yamantürk, İrem Sak, and Defne Kayalar. You can watch the show here.

13. The Tailor (2023)

In the heart of Istanbul, ‘The Tailor‘ (original title Terzi) knits a web of mystery and family bonds. Centered around Peyami Dokumacı, a gifted young tailor who inherits his talent and thriving business from his grandfather, the series takes an intriguing turn after the old man’s demise. With his father, Mustafa, harboring a profound secret and child-like innocence, Peyami faces the challenge of protecting his father’s truth from the prying eyes of the world. Amidst this complexity, Esvet, escaping an abusive past, enters their lives, bearing secrets of her own. As hidden pasts collide and enigmatic characters intertwine, ‘The Tailor’ unravels a tale of secrets, relationships, and the unbreakable bonds of family, painting a vivid portrait of life’s unexpected twists. You can watch the show here.

12. Shahmaran (2023)

Shahmaran‘ (‘Şahmaran’ in Turkish) is a spellbinding Netflix series that weds fantasy and drama in a captivating narrative. Directed by Umur Turagay and penned by Pınar Bulut, the show introduces Şahsu, a psychology lecturer from Istanbul, who embarks on a journey to Adana to confront her estranged grandfather. In this ancient town, she finds herself immersed in a community deeply devoted to Şahmaran, a mythical being with the body of a woman and the tail of a snake bound by a prophetic destiny. Her life takes a mystical turn as she encounters the enigmatic figure, Maran. You can watch the show here.

11. Intersection (2016)

‘Intersection’ weaves a mesmerizing tale of love, betrayal, and redemption against the enchanting backdrop of Istanbul. This Turkish drama series intricately entangles the lives of three ambitious characters – a wealthy businessman, a talented architect, and a passionate painter – in a complex love triangle. As their paths intersect, the story unravels with intense emotions and unexpected twists, exploring the depths of desire and the price of ambition. With its magnetic performances, breathtaking cinematography, and a gripping storyline that defies conventions, ‘Intersection’ not only captures the essence of modern romance but also shows the complexities of human relationships, leaving viewers craving for more. You can watch the show here.

10. Fatma (2021)

Fatma‘ is a riveting Turkish thriller that takes viewers on an intense and unpredictable ride. Starring Burcu Biricik in the titular role, the series revolves around a cleaning lady named Fatma, who inadvertently becomes entangled in a web of crime and corruption while searching for her missing husband. Fueled by desperation and determination, Fatma embarks on a dark and relentless journey, uncovering shocking secrets along the way. The show masterfully combines suspense, drama, and impeccable storytelling, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. You can watch it here.

9. The Protector (2018-2020)

‘The Protector’ is a thrilling blend of fantasy and action. The series, starring Çağatay Ulusoy, follows Hakan Demir, a young man who discovers his extraordinary powers and must protect Istanbul from supernatural threats. Guided by an ancient secret society, Hakan’s journey unfolds with mystical artifacts and rich Turkish folklore. The show is renowned for its impressive production values, engaging storyline, and charismatic lead. It not only captivates audiences with its supernatural elements but also showcases the beauty of Istanbul. ‘The Protector’ offers a unique take on the superhero genre, appealing to fans of both action and fantasy. You can watch the show here.

8. Love 101 (2020-2021)

Love 101 Season 2

If in the mood for some light teen drama, ‘Love 101‘ should be on your list. It follows the story of a group of carefree and reckless teenagers who do something that leads to their expulsion from school. Their only hope is the one teacher who is about to leave town for some other job. To make her stay, they plot to make her fall in love with another teacher. What ensues is a hilarious mix of comedy, drama, and a whole lot of romance. You can watch ‘Love 101’ here.

7. Ethos (2020)

‘Ethos’ is a Turkish drama series that delves into the complexities of society, psychology, and human relationships. The show, created by Berkun Oya, follows the life of Meryem, a psychologist who encounters a diverse range of patients from different walks of life. As she delves into their stories, the series explores issues of identity, culture, and social norms. ‘Ethos’ is known for its deep character development and thought-provoking narrative, offering viewers a unique insight into the human psyche and the challenges people face in a rapidly changing world. The series has gained critical acclaim for its compelling storytelling and strong performances. You can watch the show here.

6. The Gift (2019-2021)

A Netflix Original, ‘The Gift‘ follows the story of a girl named Atiye. For as long as she can remember, she has been drawing a symbol that she has never seen anywhere else. It is prominent in her paintings, and it haunts her dreams, but she never pays much attention to it. Then, one day, the symbol is found in Gobekeli Tepe’s caves, which have been closed off for thousands of years. Atiye is intrigued by this discovery, and the quest to find out her connection with the symbol leads her on an adventurous journey full of surprising twists. You can watch ‘The Gift’ here.

5. The Club (2021–2023)

Directed by Seren Yüce and Zeynep Günay Tan, ‘The Club’ is set in 1950s Istanbul and follows Matilda Aseo (Gökçe Bahadir), who has just come out of a Turkish prison after doing time for murder. While she doesn’t want to find her daughter Raşel (Asude Kalebek), who was an infant when Matilda went to prison and grew up in an orphanage, her motherly instincts kick in once she sees Raşel’s photo. A handful of events occur, after which Matilda ends up working at Club Istanbul. But this is only to keep its manager Çelebi (Firat Tanis) from sending Raşel to prison for a break-in. However, it will allow Matilda to keep an eye on Raşel and ensure her safety. This includes keeping her away from Çelebi and the club owner, Orhan Sahin (Salih Bademci). Addressing themes including but not limited to politics, religion, and romance, ‘The Club’ has a layered narrative, one that is intense and fascinating. You can stream it here.

4. Rise of Empires: Ottoman (2020)

If you have a thing for historical dramas, then ‘Rise of Empires: Ottoman‘ should be on your watchlist. The story revolves around the fall of Constantinople and the wars and carnage that accompanied it. It all begins with Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II’s campaign to conquer Constantinople, but his ambition doesn’t rest there. He plans more wars, and amidst this, we also get a look into the court drama and the personal connections of the people. The show features a lot of action that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the season. You can watch ‘Rise of Empires: Ottoman’ here.

3. 46 Yok Olan (2016)

A Turkish version of Jekyll and Hyde, ’46 Yok Olan’ follows the story of a scientist who comes across a life-changing discovery. The only thing that Murat wants is to revive his sister, who has been in a coma for a very long time. After years of research, he stumbles upon a way to make things better, but first, he tries it on himself. What happens next changes Murat in a way that he doesn’t know whom to trust anymore, including himself. Meanwhile, brutal murders terrorize the city, and as Murat starts to lose time, he fears he might have something to do with them. You can watch all episodes of ’46 Yok Olan’ here.

2. Wolf (2018)

Set in 2014, Wolf (also known as ‘Boru’) focuses on the lives of a group of officers who are a part of an elite task force. The show is full of action and thrill and also takes an emotional turn when it comes to exploring the personal lives of the characters. Every episode brings a new challenge for the team, sometimes in the heart of the country and sometimes on the border. All this while, they have to work under high-pressure situations and deal with complications at home. You can watch all the episodes of ‘Boru’ here.

1. Innocent (2017)

Nothing sells on television like a small-town crime mystery. If you have finished all the Nordic noirs and Scandi crime shows, ‘Innocent’ is a good way to introduce yourself to the Turkish setting of murder mysteries. The story focuses on a retired police commissioner who is enjoying a peaceful life with his wife at a farm away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Turmoil arrives in his life when a murder shakes the town, and some shocking secrets are brought to light in the investigation. You can watch all episodes of ‘Innocent’ here.

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