What Is The Garment of the Savior in Outer Banks? What Happened to It?

Developed by Shannon Burke, Jonas Pate, and Josh Pate, ‘Outer Banks’ is a Netflix teen mystery drama series. Set in the eponymous barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina, USA, the story revolves around a group of young adults and their search for the legendary treasure of the sunken ship Royal Merchant. Season 1 focuses on the search and eventual discovery of the 400 million dollars worth of British gold from the Merchant.

In season 2, the group of friends comes to learn that the ship also had the Cross of Saint Domingo on board when it sank into the ocean. Although it is made up of gold and precious stones and worth more than all the gold that was on the Merchant, the real priceless relic was inside the Cross. In ‘Outer Banks,’ that relic is known as the Garment of the Savior. Here is everything you need to know about it.

What Is The Garment of the Savior?

According to the series, the Garment of the Savior is “the holiest relic in all Christendom.” The word “savior” here obviously refers to Christ. It is believed that a person can heal themselves of many maladies just by touching the garment. When Pope (Jonathan Daviss) visits Charleston to meet Carla Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell), he sees several artistic depictions of Christ wearing the garment. However, he has no idea about the key and the Cross at this time, so he doesn’t know what he is looking at. Limbrey seems to be suffering from a terminal illness and has devoted her life to the search for the Cross, the last known location of which was the Royal Merchant.

The Cross of Saint Domingo was meant to be a tribute from New Spain to the Spanish King. However, Captain Limbrey, an ancestor of Carla, and his crew found a burning Spanish ship. After the Cross was transferred to the Merchant, he ordered his men to kill the Spanish soldiers. When the Merchant sank, Limbrey died with it. A former slave named Denmark Tanny, who worked as a cook on the Merchant, was the sole survivor. He brought the gold and the Cross to the shore and hid them separately.

Where Is the Garment of the Savior Now?

Pope is revealed to be a descendant of Denmark Tanny. He finds a key that has been passed down in his family. With his friends’ help, he eventually locates the Cross inside one of the wooden beams of the Church Denmark built. However, with the help of Rafe (Drew Starkey) and Renfield, Limbrey takes both the key and the Cross from Pope and his friends.

She then uses the key to open a lock on the Cross, only to have bugs flying out of it. This prompts Renfield to mock Limbrey as it appears that the bugs have eaten the garment. All her hope and life’s work have led to nothing. Renfield tries to take the Cross, but Limbrey shoots him. Rafe pretends to help her but takes the gun away from her at the right moment. He then drives away with the Cross.

In the final scenes of the second season, Limbrey goes to Barbados and meets Big John (Charles Halford), who is revealed to be alive. He agrees to tell her the location of the garment in exchange for Limbrey helping his son. From this conversation, we can assume that the Garment of the Savior was removed from the Cross at some point. It still exists in the world, and Big John knows where to find it.

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