What is the Meaning of The Requin Title?

‘The Requin,’ directed by Le-Van Kiet, is a horror-thriller film that dabbles in the tropes of the shark attack sub-genre. The movie revolves around Jaelyn and Kyle, an American couple vacationing in Vietnam. However, when a violent tropical storm hits their resort, the couple finds themselves adrift in the ocean, fighting for their lives against a horde of great white sharks. Given the survival-themed premise, the film’s title appears to be unconventional. Therefore, if you are wondering about the meaning behind the title of ‘The Requin,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What is the Meaning of The Requin?

‘The Requin’ is a standard shark attack film that marries the tropes of thriller and horror genres. It primarily deals with the themes of survival and loss. The narrative follows Jaelyn, who is vacationing in Vietnam with her husband, Kyle. However, viewers soon learn that Jaelyn is actually recuperating from the stillbirth of her firstborn child. Jaelyn and Kyle’s vacation takes a drastic turn, and they find themselves fighting sharks in the ocean.

Thus, the film’s title appears to have no connection to its plot or Vietnamese setting. However, the title does hold a more profound significance. In an interview, the film’s director Le-Van Kiet revealed that the inspiration for the title came from famous musician Kurt Cobain. He explained that Cobain would often induce wordplay in his lyrics to make them sound nonsensical. However, the lyrics were actually supposed to serve as mantras. The director took forth this concept and applied it to the film’s title. Kiet stated that he wanted to have a sonic “requiem” feel to the story. Thus, it is evident that the title ‘The Requin’ is a wordplay on “requiem.”

Requiem is a type of mass held for the dead so that their souls can achieve peace. Moreover, it is also considered to be an act or token of remembrance. The same can be equated to Jaelyn’s storyline as she constantly remembers her stillborn daughter and struggles to make peace with her passing. Thus, the film’s title holds a narrative significance to the protagonist’s arc. Moreover, the word “requin” is the French word for “shark.” Since sharks serve as the movie’s primary antagonists, the title makes sense.

Hence, through the use of clever wordplay, the film’s director connects the title to both the protagonist and the antagonist of the story. Moreover, it highlights the film’s themes and aesthetics. Nonetheless, for those looking for the literal meaning of the film’s title, ‘The Requin’ simply means “The Shark” in French.

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