What is THTH’s Beaux Raymond’s Net Worth?

With a massive viewer base, Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ is an excellent launch platform for young talents as they get to show off their personalities and skills to a worldwide audience. Naturally, season 3 of the show brought with it a boatload of young faces relatively new to the reality TV industry. Beaux Raymond stood out amongst the rest with her down-to-earth yet confident personality and strikingly good looks. Besides, ever since she was crowned the winner alongside Harry Johnson, fans have been clamoring to know more about the young reality star. Thus, we decided to jump in and find out her present net worth!

How Did Beaux Raymond Earn Her Money?

Unfortunately, Beaux Raymond is quite private when it comes to her family and has refrained from talking about her loved ones in the public sphere. As a result, not much is known about the British star other than her being a native of Kent, England. According to sources, Beaux is primarily employed as a legal secretary and is quite an expert in her field. However, unwilling to stay confined in a single profession, Beaux also dabbled in occasional modeling and has since managed to carve out a niche for herself in the industry.

Her appearance on ‘Too Hot to Handle’ earned her a pretty handsome compensation but, more importantly, highlighted her in front of a worldwide audience. Beaux was received quite positively by most fans, and her heartwarming romance with Harry Johnson further boosted her popularity. Besides, Harry and she were crowned the winners of the season and presented with a massive cash prize of $90,000.

Following her stint on reality TV, Beaux seemed to have put her fame to good use as she signed a contract with Neon Management and made her fans aware of “big things” in the near future. Moreover, apart from falling back into her profession as a legal secretary, it is safe to assume that Beaux will soon get offers to run social media campaigns for major products and brands.

What is Beaux Raymond’s Net Worth?

Considering all of Beaux’s avenues for income, we can assume that her current net worth is at least a few hundred thousand dollars. However, with Beaux already signed on to a management company and eager to further her career in the entertainment industry, that value is sure to rise very soon.

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