What Medal do Jack Ryan and James Greer Receive in Jack Ryan Season 3?

Image Credit: Philippe Antonello/Prime Video

Prime Video’s ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’ follows its titular character on dangerous missions, the success of which defines the fate of the world. Throughout the mission, Jack has to make some very tough decisions and has to throw himself in danger if that means saving lives. In the third season, we find him in the most challenging situation he has ever faced.

Previously, no matter what he did, he always had the backing of the agency. He knew he could rely on his team to help him solve any problem that came his way. However, this time around, he is all alone, with barely anyone that he can trust. Still, the tables turn by the end and he is awarded for his bravery in the face of all odds. He and James Greer receive a medal. If you are wondering what that is, then here’s what you should know.

Jack Ryan and James Greer is Awarded The Intelligence Star

At the end of Season 3, Jack and Greer receive the Intelligence Star. It is an award that is given for “voluntary acts of courage performed under hazardous conditions or for outstanding achievements or services rendered with distinction under conditions of grave risk”. The award is bestowed on a person working for the Central Intelligence Agency by the Director of the CIA. By the end of the season, Elizabeth Wright is given that position, which is why it is she who gives that award to Jack and Greer. The Intelligence Star is considered the third-highest award given by the agency and over the years, only a handful of people have received it.

Jack and Greer receiving this award from Wright signify an important message of the story. In the beginning, when we first met Wright, she told Jack that she didn’t like heroes. Soon, she proves that she is more interested in doing things by the book and doesn’t like to question orders or have her orders questioned. This leads her to set up Jack to take the fall for the Russian scientist’s death, sending him on the run. Over time, Wright realizes that there are much bigger things at stake. She learns to develop trust and gives Jack a chance to go where his instincts take him. So, when she awards him the star, it is her seal of approval for his methods and intentions, both of which she had questioned in the beginning.

It also feels justified to give Jack this award, considering that even after being betrayed by his people, he didn’t give up and run away. He stuck to his mission and saw it through when he could have easily disappeared and lived the rest of his life away from the dangers that come with his job. His receiving the award also puts Jack in stark contrast to Luka. While the CIA commends him for a job well done, even though he went against them, Luka is called in for questioning, even though he did pretty much the same that Jack did. This difference between Jack and Luka’s treatment makes for an impactful ending scene for the season that had almost every good guy in the show question their actions and the repercussions of it. Luka’s final speech complements this and drives the point home that one should always stick to doing what is right, no matter the consequences.

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