Cody Longo’s Net Worth at the Time of His Death

It is no surprise that actors within the entertainment industry can often garner interest from the public due to their excellent work. The same holds for Cody Longo(AKA Cody Anthony), who gained fame through his work in ‘Days of Our Lives.’ Needless to say, his unexpected demise on February 8, 2023, shocked many people and was a blow to the admirers of his work. Since his early years in the industry, Cody got the opportunity to portray some very intriguing characters. This made many people eager to know more about the soap opera star’s professional life. Additionally, many are interested in learning just how rich the actor was before his unfortunate demise. If you are wondering about the same, we have your back!

How Did Cody Longo Earn His Money?

Born on March 4, 1988, in Littleton, Colorado, Cody Longo grew up as a theatre kid and would often be seen on stage. Surrounded by musicians and artists, the artist learned to play piano at a young age. To further his career in the entertainment industry, Cody moved to Los Angeles, California, while studying Film and Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles(UCLA). Starting in 2006, he was featured in different music videos, yet it wasn’t until 2008 that he first appeared in a movie, thanks to his portrayal of Dave in ‘Ball Don’t Lie.’

This was followed by Cody’s appearances in projects like ‘Medium,’ ‘Bring It on: Fight to the Finish,’ and ‘Three Rivers.’ Moreover, the cactor ended up being a part of other productions like ‘High School,’ ‘Make It or Break It,’ and ‘Piranha 3D.’ In 2011, Cody became a household name due to his portrayal of Nicholas Almain in ‘Days of Our Lives.’ The same year saw him in ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ as Nathan Culver, and in 2012, he attained greater fame playing the protagonist, Eddie Duran, in the TV series ‘Hollywood Heights.’

Over the years, Cody has showcased his acting skills in multiple projects like ‘Hollywood Heights,’ ‘Nashville,’ ‘Secrets and Lies,’ ‘Death House,’ and ‘High School Crimes & Misdemeanors.’ Furthermore, before his passing, he was involved in ‘Killing Games’ and ‘Do You Want to Die in Indio?’ As it turns out, acting is not the only field that Cody was talented in, as he was also a musician.

Having been one of the top pop performers, Cody was signed by Mirrorball Entertainment and Sony Records Distribution in 2012. After the release of his first single, “Atmosphere,” in 2013, the actor became a well-known name within the musical industry. Apart from his work in the entertainment industry, Cody was involved in several charitable causes and even had his own non-profit organization, LiveAlive.

Cody Longo’s Net Worth

To estimate Cody’s wealth, we must consider all of his work, starting with his involvement in the film and television industry and philanthropic projects. An actor involved in movies and TV shows makes an average of $100,000 annually. Meanwhile, a musician probably makes an annual amount of about $50,000. Although, we must not forget Cody’s success within his chosen fields, which would likely help him make significantly higher money than the average value. Considering these points, we estimate Cody Longo’s net worth to be about $4 million.

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