When and Where Does Heart of Stone Take Place?

Netflix’s ‘Heart of Stone’ is an action spy movie directed by Tom Harper that takes Rachel Stone, an intelligence agent, across several locations in a fast-paced edge-of-the-seat thriller. Rachel works for a secret organization called The Charter that fights for the greater good. However, when the Heart, an all-powerful device used by the Charter, comes under threat, Stone must do everything in her power to stop it from falling into the wrong hands. As a result, the movie takes Stone to several exotic locations across the globe in a high-stakes adventure to stop the crisis. If you are wondering when and where ‘Heart of Stone’ takes place, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Heart of Stone Takes Place in Modern-day

‘Heart of Stone’ revolves around Rachel Stone, who works for the Charter, a mysterious but benevolent spy organization that fights for the greater good. The Charter uses an AI device known as the Heart, which predicts the future with the help of millions of data points. After the Heart is targeted by a rouge MI6 agent and a mysterious hacker, Stone is forced to fight alone to stop the device from falling into the wrong hands. Stone’s enthralling adventure is set in the present day, and the technology she uses is evidence of the same.

Although the film does not establish a timeframe for its events, the story takes place over a matter of days in 2023. Moreover, by setting the narrative in the present day, the film appeals to the moral and philosophical dilemmas stemming from AI tools, a hotly debated topic in 2023. As a result, the film is able to supplement its high-stakes, explosive action with timely themes. It resonates with the viewers by tackling the topic of Artificial Intelligence and its military and espionage applications.

Heart of Stone Takes Viewers From Italy to Iceland

‘Heart of Stone’ is a globe-trotting adventure that takes protagonist Rachel Stone to several corners of the world. The film opens with Stone undercover on a mission with a team of MI6 agents. The team is in the Italian Alps at a house on the Schnalstaler glacier. An action sequence takes place at the Alpin Arena Schnals Senales, a cable car used for traveling up and down the glacier. The Senales region is known for its ice-covered mountains and offers a variety of outdoor activities to tourists. After their mission in Italy goes awry, the team is forced to return to their base. The MI6 and the Charter both have their bases in London, United Kingdom, where some part of the story takes place.

The narrative kicks into a high-octane mode when Parker and his team travel to Lisbon, Portugal, to catch Keya Dhawan, the hacker who meddled with their mission in Italy. Lisbon is a coastal city on the Atlantic Ocean that serves as the capital of Portugal. It is known as an alpha-level global city and holds significance in sectors such as finance, commerce, fashion, media, entertainment, and arts. An enthralling street action/chase sequence takes place in the streets of Lisbon, wherein Stone is forced to face the harsh realities of her job.

After a brief return to London, the action shifts to a desert in West Africa, mainly located near Senegal, where the Locker, which hides the Heart, is located. The film’s climax occurs against the snow-covered backdrop of Reykjavík, Iceland. The city is the capital of Iceland and an important cultural and economic hub for the country. An important sequence takes place at Reykjavík University, located within the premises of Nauthólsvík, a sea resort in Reykjavík. ‘Heart of Stone’ was filmed on location in Italy, Senegal, Portugal, and Iceland, giving authenticity to the movie’s settings and expanding the story’s larger-than-life scope.

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