When and Where Does Young Royals Take Place?

Created by Lisa Ambjörn, Lars Beckung, and Camilla Holter, ‘Young Royal is a Swedish coming-of-age drama series. It tells the story of Prince Wilhelm of Sweden or Willie (Edvin Ryding), the second son of Queen Kristina of Sweden. After getting into a drunken fight in a nightclub, Wilhelm is forced to leave his old school and friends behind and enroll at Hillerska Boarding School, a prestigious institution for the elites of the country. There he meets Simon Eriksson (Omar Rudberg), a talented choir singer from a working-class background. Against all odds, a romantic relationship develops between the two.

Things become really complicated when Wilhelm’s older brother, Crown Prince Erik, is killed in a car accident, and Wilhelm is suddenly entrusted with the responsibilities of the future king of his country. He finds himself nearly overwhelmed as he now must choose between his heart and his duty. ‘Young Royals’ is a show about royalty, love, and youth. If you are wondering when and where it is set, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Young Royals Setting: Modern Times

‘Young Royals’ is set in modern times. The technology that the characters use and the social beliefs they adhere to are very much of the 21st century. Although Sweden does have a monarchy, both Wilhelm and Kristina are fictional. The current King of Sweden is Carl XVI Gustaf. When the video of Wilhelm and Simon leaks, it causes quite a stir in the media, just as it might in the real world of today. At the same time, the respective parents of both main characters are quite accepting of their sexual orientation. Queen Kristina makes it clear to her son that she loves him for who he is and supports him wholeheartedly. The source of contention is the leak and how it impacts the royals. While neither Simon nor Wilhelm is responsible for it, they are forced to suffer the consequences. The royal family and the Swedish Court want discretion from its members, and Wilhelm and Simon’s actions end up anything except that

Wilhelm becomes the crown prince under extremely tragic circumstances, and his struggles to deal with the realities of his life become increasingly difficult as the series progresses. When he was just a second prince, people did take notice of his unruly behavior, but it didn’t have as big of an impact as it does when he assumes his new role.

Ultimately, like any other young adult, Wilhelm seeks to find his own place in the world, even if a lot of it has already been decided. By the end of the season, he has come to embrace who he is and has reconciled with Simon. It doesn’t mean their struggles are over, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Young Royals Takes Place at the Fictional School of Hillerska Boarding School

The series predominantly takes place at Hillerska Boarding School, a fictional educational institution located at Bjärstad, Östergötland, Sweden. According to the series lore, Hillerska was established in 1901. Since then, it has served as one of the most prominent places of education for the privileged class in Sweden. Even the royal family sends its members to be educated there. Before Wilhelm, Erik attended Hillerska. Someone like Felice, whose family is regarded as modern nobility because of their immense wealth, attends the school, just like generations of women from her family have done so before her.

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