When and Where Hellhole Take Place?

Co-written and directed by Bartosz M. Kowalski, ‘Hellhole’ is a Netflix religious horror film. The plot revolves around a Polish militia officer named Marek (Piotr Zurawski), who is sent to a remote monastery to investigate the disappearances of multiple young women. He arrives in the disguise of an exorcist, and his initial investigation reveals that all the reported incidents of exorcism at the monastery are fraudulent. However, as he begins to dig deeper, Marek realizes that the dark and foreboding building hides too many secrets, some of which are directly linked to his past. If you are wondering where and when ‘Hellhole’ takes place, we got you covered.

Hellhole Takes Place in 1987

‘Hellhole’ takes place in 1987 before everyone had a phone in hand, and that seems to impact the narrative in more ways than one. As it is often said, cell phones invalidate most horror films’ plot points. If Marek had had access to a phone in this movie, things would never have panned out as they do. He comes to investigate the disappearances of multiple young women. As he begins to secretly investigate, he discovers multiple discrepancies with the story he has been told. He also finds a used syringe where one of the “exorcisms’ has taken place, realizing that the girl’s erratic behavior stems from a drug. He also finds the cross that supposedly starts burning in the presence of a demon but soon discovers that it has a switch behind it, which can be turned off at any given moment.

Although the brotherhood at the monastery initially appears to be the garden variety fraud, they are soon proven to be quite sinister. It is all connected to Marek’s past. The film’s characters describe Marek as the Chosen One. Unlike in other films with similar tropes, “the chosen one” doesn’t have a positive connotation in ‘Hellhole.’ It bears references to an incarnation of the Devil himself.

The climactic scene adds an interesting layer to the overall setting of the film. As Marek wasn’t killed when he was a child,  he transforms into the demon he was always meant to be. In his demonic form, Marek transforms Piotr’s flesh into a swarm of flies and lifts the other monks into the air with telekinetic abilities. He then makes each of them appear as if they are an inverted cross, which — in this context — is the symbol of the Devil. The film ends with the sky opening up and dark tendrils of hell reaching out toward the monastery. Earlier in the film, Piotr shows Marek an image in a book depicting the end of time. In the image, a clawed hand reaches out from the sky to the monastery. So, although on the one hand, the film is set in 1987, on the other hand, it takes place right before the apocalypse.

Hellhole is Set in Poland

‘Hellhole’ is a Polish film. In 1987, Poland was under Communist control. After World War II, the Marxist-Leninist regime took over Poland, lasting until 1989. This period is marked by rapid industrialization, urbanization, and the general improvement of various aspects of the standard of living. However, this period is also known for widespread political repression, implantation of repressive Stalinist policies. and economic issues. During the collapse of the Soviet Union, which reportedly took place between 1988 and 1991, the Third (and the current) Polish Republic was established.

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