A Man in Full: A Guide to All Shooting Locations

The creation of David E. Kelley, ‘A Man in Full,’ which is adapted from the eponymous novel written by Tom Wolfe, is a drama series that revolves around the fall from grace of an Atlanta real estate tycoon named Charles “Charlie” Croker. From his early days as a college football star to his later days as an immensely successful and wealthy mogul, Charlie has always been under the spotlight, so much so that he doesn’t know how to live otherwise. Apart from owning a 29,000-acre quail shooting plantation, he also has a demanding second wife to satisfy and a half-empty office complex. But his outsize ego and lavish lifestyle are given a reality check when he faces bankruptcy as his entire world begins to crumble.

Now, he must defend his empire as enemies try to close in on him to capitalize on his sudden bankruptcy while he attempts to find his way back to the top. On the other hand, ‘A Man in Full’ also introduces us to Conrad Hensley, an employee at the Croker Global Foods warehouse and a young father of two. When he gets fired from his job, he struggles with some aspects of the American legal system. Featuring a stellar ensemble cast, comprising Jeff Daniels, Diane Lane, Tom Pelphrey, Aml Ameen, Chanté Adams, Jon Michael Hill, and Sarah Jones, the show’s setting is that of Atlanta, a city full of politicians and wealthy individuals, leaving many viewers questioning about the actual filming sites of the series.

Where is A Man in Full Filmed?

Shooting for ‘A Man in Full’ primarily takes place in Georgia, especially in and around Atlanta. Initially, the filming was supposed to begin in May 2022 but due to unforeseen delays, the principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the drama series finally got underway in August 2022. After four long months, it got wrapped up in December of the same year.

Atlanta, Georgia

Since all the twists and turns in the life of Charlie unfold in the city of Atlanta, the production team of ‘A Man in Full’ decided to tape almost all the pivotal sequences in and around the capital of the state of Georgia. While Truist Plaza at 303 Peachtree Street doubles as Croker Concourse, Bank of America Plaza at 600 West Peachtree Street Northwest stands in for Plannersbanc in the series.

In a Zoom interview with Potters House, Jeff Daniels, who portrays Charles “Charlie” Croker, talked about the fact that he read the first episode of the script and then the book written by Tom Wolfe. He also had a few things to say about his character, “He’s bigger than life. He is the star of his own show and everyone he meets is his own audience. He assumes that everyone loves him as much as he loves himself.”

Jeff opened up and said that it was a fun yet challenging experience to be playing a larger-than-life character. “That’s not what they teach you in ‘Star School,’ where ‘Less is more’ is what they teach you. So I had to come in where more is more and put a Southern accent on it,” Jeff stated. In addition, he elaborated, “That was just an exaggeration of anything you could say. But that’s what Tom Wolfe wrote! Charlie’s accent sometimes made it hard to understand what he was saying. So I had free rein to just blow that performance up. And I had actors around me, who went with me. We had such a ball.”

Lying among the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Atlanta has been dubbed the Hollywood of the South as it is considered the national leader for motion picture and television production. Apart from serving as the on-location setting, like in ‘A Man in Full,’ Atlanta also popularly doubles for various other places in the world, including the fictional ones. For instance, the vast and versatile landscape of the capital city has hosted the production of many film and TV projects over the years, such as ‘Ford v Ferrari,’ ‘Pain Hustlers,’ ‘Into the Wild,’ ‘The Founder,’ and ‘Dynasty.’

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