Hallmark’s A World Record Christmas: Shooting and Cast Guide

‘A World Record Christmas’ is a ‘Hallmark Movies and Mysteries’ film based on a true story. Helmed by Jason Bourque, the narrative follows Charlie Parsons, a child with autism who wants to do something monumental to prove to the world that being on the spectrum cannot stop you from achieving your dreams. His frustrations are added to by an absentee biological father, making him wonder if the man had abandoned him because of his autism. He takes it upon himself to break a world record, to prove beyond any doubt what someone with his condition can achieve if they put in the effort.

Charlie finds unexpected support from his stepfather, Eric, who helps the 13-year-old see himself as different from his condition and not defined by it. His drive to prove himself draws his community to cheer him on in his moment of truth. Even his real-world counterpart, Auldin Maxwell, shows up in a cameo appearance to alleviate his fears with a pep-talk. The heartwarming film takes place in a quaint town during the holiday season. Streets are beautifully laden with an assortment of Christmas-themed decor, which may leave viewers wondering where the movie was actually lensed.

A World Record Christmas Was Filmed in British Columbia

‘A World Record Christmas’ was filmed in the township of Langley, situated within the westernmost province of British Columbia. As per reports, filming likely started in March of 2023 and was wrapped up by the beginning of April of the same year. Let us take a closer look at the specific filming sites in the quintessential small town of Langley.

Langley, British Columbia

The township of Langley falls to the East of Vancouver, within the West Coast province of British Columbia. It is known for its luxurious eateries, wineries, the Langley Fort, and vintage architecture. The set for ‘A World Record’ was created in the town using Christmas trees, lights, decorations, and a lot of fake snow since the filming was done in the summer. The town has also served as a backdrop for prominent shows like, ‘Supernatural,’ ‘The X-Files,’ ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ ‘Once Upon a Time,’ ‘Smallville,’ ‘Riverdale,’ ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,’ and ‘Jennifer’s Body.‘

However, Langley should not be confused with the hometown of Auldin Maxwell, on whom the movie is based. He hails from Salmon Arm, a small settlement on the shores of Shuswap Lake in British Columbia. Auldin even makes a cameo appearance in the film, giving a pep talk to our protagonist; which is fitting given that he has already made five world records, beating his initial record thrice.

A World Record Christmas Cast

The Hallmark movie is led by 13-year-old Aias Dalman, who plays the part of Charlie Parsons. He has also been a part of ‘When Time Got Louder’ as Young Kayden, ‘Trial & Error’ as Chet, and ‘Michelle’s’ as Super Soaker Boy, among many other projects. Hallmark regular Nikki Deloach assumes the role of Charlie’s mother, Marissa. She is known for portraying Christy in ‘Love & Other Drugs,’ the tall blonde girl in ‘The House Bunny,’ and Goldy in Hallmark’s movie series ‘Curious Caterer.’

Lucas Bryant plays Charlie’s stepfather, Eric. You may recognize him from his work in ‘The Vow’ as Kyle, ‘7 Days to Vegas’ as Chucky, ‘Haven’ as Nathan Wuornos, and in Hallmark’s ‘Time for You to Come Home for Christmas’ as Jack Sutherland. Other cast members include Daphne Hoskins as Amy, Miranda Edwards as Hillary Hartman, April Telek as Jane, Alison Wandzura as Ophelia Bennett, Matt Hamilton as Peter, and Auldin Maxwell as himself.

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