Where Are Armie’s Parents Michael and Dru Hammer Now?

In 2021, several screenshots of messages allegedly sent by Armie Hammer went viral after a Twitter account published them. These messages talked about violent and cannibalistic fantasies, and in the months that followed, Armie was accused of rape. Discovery+’s ‘House of Hammer’ focuses on these allegations in addition to the previous generations of the Hammer family, including Armie’s parents, Michael Hammer and Dru Mobley. So, let’s find out more about the two, then, shall we?

Who Are Armie Hammer’s Parents?

Michael Armand Hammer is the only grandson of Armand Hammer, the Jewish American millionaire industrialist who made his money in the petroleum industry. In 1985, when he worked for his grandfather’s petroleum company, he met Tulsa, Oklahoma, native Dru Ann Mobley on a plane. They were seated next to each other and married the same year. The couple welcomed Armand “Armie” Douglas Hammer in 1986, followed by Viktor Hammer in 1988.

Dru was from a devout Christian family in Oklahoma and had a positive effect on Michael at the time. It was reported that Michael had dealt with alcohol and substance issues and later converted to Christianity. He said, “When I accepted Christ, the [bad experiences] didn’t just stop, but they started dwindling.” Things took a quick turn after Armand died of bone marrow cancer at age 92 in 1990. It was reported that Michael arrived at the house even before the body was removed and was seen loading items into five waiting cars.

Furthermore, Armand had left the business empire to Michael, choosing his grandson over his own son, Julian. After Armand’s death, Dru and Michael donated most of the inheritance to Christian groups such as Jews for Jesus and Italy for Christ. Michael has long been controversial, with allegations regarding his sex throne or “naughty chair” at the Armand Hammer Foundation headquarters. The chair is alleged to be seven feet high, with a hole in the seat and a cage underneath. However, Michael’s lawyers dismissed the claim, saying it was an “unsolicited gag gift.”

The Knoedler Gallery, which Michael received as part of the inheritance, closed down suddenly in 2011 and was later accused of selling forged paintings worth $70 million, with the practice supposedly starting in 1994. However, all the lawsuits against the gallery were settled out of court. After the allegations against Armie surfaced, his aunt Casey Hammer’s book about the family gained more popularity. She alleged that Armand, her father, Julian, and her brother, Michael, were abusive. As for Armie, one of his ex-girlfriends claimed that Dru warned her about his “demonic behaviors.”

Where Are Armie Hammer’s Parents Today?

Michael and Dru divorced in 2012 after nearly three decades – 27 years – of marriage. Since then, they’ve moved on with their lives. Michael graduated from New York University with an MBA and later worked as an investment banker for a few years before joining his grandfather’s company. He remains the Chairman and CEO of the Hammer International Foundation and the Armand Hammer Foundation, in addition to running several other organizations under the Hammer name.

Apart from that, Michael founded Grace Christian Academy in the Cayman Islands, where he lived with his family during the 1990s. He also started a Christian radio station there. Furthermore, Michael sits on several museum and university boards. In July 2017, he proposed to Misty Millward, a spa healer, with a seven-and-a-half-carat diamond. From what we can tell, Michael lives in California and keeps himself busy with family organizations. In 2018, he received stem cell treatment to improve his health.

On the other hand, Dru graduated from Oklahoma State University, and in the past, she worked as a loan officer at several banks. Dru was previously on the board of the Armand Hammer Foundation in addition to being its secretary. Religion has been a big part of her life; she worked with the Los Angeles Dream Center in California, ministering to women’s discipleship and human trafficking victims.

Dru also started her own ministry called Hammered Heart Foundation, specifically to help women and children dealing with divorce and abuse. As an extension, she set up Druville, an online store that sells clothing, stationery, and other items. Through this, Dru hoped to fund charities and help others. It seems that Dru is currently based out of Texas and has set up pop-up stores for the brand in different localities.

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