Where Are Barbara and Todd Kendhammer’s Kids Now?

CBS’ ’48 Hours: Mystery on County Road M’ is an episode that profiles not only the tragic 2016 death of 46-year-old Barbara Kendhammer but also its baffling aftermath. After all, while her husband of 25 years still maintains that a freak accident somehow led to her passing, the officials believe that he killed her and staged the scene. The most intriguing aspect, though, is that both of Barbara and Todd Kendhammer’s children stand by their father despite his premeditated murder conviction. So now, if you wish to know more about them, we’ve got the details for you.

Who Are Jessica Servais and Jordan Kendhammer?

Having grown up in what they can only describe as a happy home in West Salem, Wisconsin, Jessica Servais and Jordan Kendhammer have always claimed that their parents were still very much in love. “Whatever my mom wanted, my dad gave it to her,” Barbara and Todd’s daughter Jessica declared on ’48 Hours.’ “They were just in a really good time in their lives ’cause they had their first grandchild, and they were well off.” Her younger brother Jordan has also backed this sentiment in the past by testifying that he never once saw them argue, let alone have an altercation.

After their mother’s demise in September 2016, the siblings were, of course, heartbroken, yet what shocked them the most was their father’s arrest within three months. They’d seen him struggle to cope with the heavy loss and gone through the grieving process together, making it impossible for them to even imagine that his actions could’ve been deadly. Jessica and Jordan thus took to the stands in Todd’s defense when he stood trial in late 2017, with both of them deeming their parent’s relationship “perfect.” The former even went as far as to say, “I try to model my marriage after theirs.”

Where Are Jessica Servais and Jordan Kendhammer Now?

In spite of Jessica Servais and Jordan Kendhammer’s best efforts, their father was eventually found guilty of first-degree intentional homicide. Therefore, likely in an attempt to gain him some leniency, Todd’s daughter spoke at his sentencing hearing as well: “My dad is an amazing, kind, and caring person. And he’s been nothing but kind and caring to anyone he meets for my entire life.” Following that, once the proceedings concluded with the verdict of Todd’s life sentence (with parole after 30 years), the brother-sister duo contacted other attorneys to try and get his conviction overturned for good.

Image Credit: WXOW News 19

Jessica and Jordan believed that the prosecutors never really answered the key questions, so at the very least, another trial for their father is warranted. “They never really said how he killed her or what he did to stage everything,” the elder of the siblings stated in the CBS episode. To this, her brother added, “If he wanted to kill Ma, why the hell would he go through all the work and trouble to find a pipe, drive all the way out to the middle of a busy road—.”

“He has like 28 guns in the basement,” Jessica declared. Hence, it appears as if they continue to fight for their father’s freedom to this day, all the while ensuring to keep their mother’s memories alive in their heart. In other words, neither Jessica nor Jordan wants this single ominous incident to be the reason they lose both their parents, albeit in drastically different ways. Coming to their own whereabouts, while Jordan currently works in the labor industry in West Salem, all we know about Jessica is that the Wisconsin native is a happily married mother to a young daughter.

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