Where Are Blown Away’s Grace Whiteside and Brenna Baker Now?

Netflix’s ‘Blown Away’ is a reality competition series that can only be described as equal parts creative and inspiring owing to the pure way it shines a light upon the art form of glassblowing. It thus revolves around ten skilled artists as they compete against one another to not just prove their mettle but also earn the title of “Best in Blow” through extraordinary sculptural, visual pieces. Among them in season 3 were Grace Whiteside and Brenna Baker, but since neither unfortunately made it all the way despite their talent, let’s find out more about their current standing, shall we?

Where is Grace Whiteside Now?

Although a piece of rolling dice was Grace Whiteside’s downfall in the streaming service original, they got to walk away with their head held high because they’d truly done everything they could. They thought outside the box, showcased their aptitude, and didn’t let adversity hold them down, things they admittedly have to practice in their daily life as a non-binary, trans designer as well. The fact they hold two Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University (2017) in Sculpture + Extended Media and Craft/Material Studies has only helped them in this journey.

Coming to their whereabouts, from what we can tell, Grace is a Brooklyn-based artist who serves as the proud founder of an independent creative company called Sticky Glass at the moment. This place is where they let their specialization in multi-functional, performative, and collaborative glasswork shine, especially with the open use of their bright, humorous style. You can actually purchase some of their (often made-to-order) pieces through the business’ website and help them gain further experience; they first stepped foot into the industry in 2014.

“I am constantly thinking about forms and function, but I often have to sketch with the material itself in order to understand and physicalize my design concepts,” Grace once explained. “I am also a performance artist, and so I am often thinking about how glassware is a character in our daily script. There is a dialogue between the things we hold and use every day and our bodily needs and functions.” Furthermore, we should mention that the New York resident wants to keep her craft small-scale so as to maintain sustainability and not lose its personal touch.

Where is Brenna Baker Now?

With over 20 years of experience under her belt, considering she found her calling at the tender age of 14, Brenna Baker Brown is undeniably one of the most skillful, innovative blowers in the industry. It hence comes as no surprise that she spent a year in Italy working under glass artist Pino Signoretto, became the youngest Master Gaffer at Steuben Glass, and even taught at the Corning Museum of Glass. The New Yorker then relocated to Florida, where she founded Hollywood Hot Glass in 2013, a hot shop as well as an art gallery she continues to run to this day.

Whether it be private classes, intensive courses, live demos, the Your Designs Made by Us program, or the Cremation Creations memorial program, Brenna’s business offers it all. That’s because, for her, the most rewarding part of this profession is the fact it allows her to share her pieces and the entire glass-making experience with people from every walk of life. You can either buy the mother of two’s (Arabelle and Baker Brown) artworks through the business’ website at the moment or request different design commissions. Honestly, Brenna appears perfectly content right now, which is what ultimately matters.

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