Where Are Dan Lafferty’s Friends Chip and Ricky Now?

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As the investigation of the murders of Brenda and Erica Lafferty progresses in FX on Hulu’s gripping crime series ‘Under the Banner of Heaven,’ detectives Pyre and Bill realize that Ron and Dan Lafferty were significantly involved in the crimes. In the sixth episode, titled ‘Revelation,’ the two detectives, along with Bernard Brady, conduct a search at the house of the brothers’ mother, Doreen.

Pyre talks to Doreen to find information that may lead the authorities to the brothers. Doreen lets him know that two men, named Chip and Ricky, accompanied Ron and Dan during the time of the murders. Naturally, the viewers must be eager to learn more about the mysterious characters. Here’s everything you need to know!

Who Are Chip and Ricky? Are They Real People?

Yes, Chip and Ricky are real people. Richard “Ricky” M. Knapp first met Dan Lafferty when the latter was working temporarily in Wichita, Kansas, in 1984. According to Jon Krakauer’s eponymous book, the source material of the show, they soon became friends. Ricky then joined Dan and Ron for a road trip as he didn’t have a home at the time. As per the book, the trio eventually met Charles “Chip” Carnes, who was a drifter and petty thief from New Mexico. Ricky and Chip joined the two brothers on their way back to Utah after a road trip.

On July 23, 1984, a day before Brenda and Erica’s murders, Chip and Ricky spent their day with Ron and Dan at the brothers’ mother Claudine’s house. On July 24, 1984, Ron, Dan, Chip, and Ricky went to Allen and Brenda’s house in American Fork. When the two brothers went inside the house, Chip and Ricky stayed back in the car. Krakauer’s book states that the duo thought about leaving with Ron’s car when they started to hear noises from the house, only to decide against it soon. Ron and Dan then returned to the car in blood-soaked clothes after killing Brenda and Erica, respectively.

Dan Lafferty and Ron Lafferty//Image Credit: KSL TV

Chip and Ricky then accompanied Ron and Dan to Chloe Low’s house as the brothers were determined to kill her. According to Krakauer’s book, they burglarized the house and went to Richard Stowe’s house to kill him. However, Ricky missed a turn to Stowe’s house. The brothers then decided against killing him, and they drove straight to Nevada. When Ron and Dan fell asleep in a motel, Chip and Ricky stole Ron’s car and went to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where Chip’s brother lived. Krakauer’s book states that the duo threw out evidence concerning the case, including the knife used by Ron and Dan to kill Brenda and Erica, on their way.

The police arrested Chip and Ricky from the former’s brother’s house in Wyoming. They informed the police about the evidence they threw out and revealed that Ron and Dan had talked about going to Reno, Nevada. Ron and Dan were eventually arrested in Reno. Along with the brothers, Chip and Ricky were also charged with two counts of criminal homicide, two counts of aggravated burglary, and two counts of conspiracy to commit homicide. However, they pleaded guilty to less severe charges in return for testifying against Ron and Dan.

Where Are Chip and Ricky Now?

Charles “Chip” Carnes and Richard “Ricky” Knapp have chosen to keep their lives private, possibly due to the widespread attention they have received after Brenda and Erica’s murders. Even though they were charged with less severe charges compared to Ron and Dan’s charges, details concerning their sentences are unavailable. Along with participating in the wrongdoing, Chip and Ricky played an integral part in both the investigation and trial phases of the double homicide case.

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