Elton Carter and Tasia Carter-Jackson: Where Are David Carter’s Dad & Sister Now?

In October 2018, David Carter suddenly disappeared without warning, leaving many loved ones with questions. But within days, David’s remains were discovered along a highway in Ohio near Michigan’s border. Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries: Body in Bags’ delves into what happened to David and how his family dealt with the horrific tragedy. On the show, David’s father, Elton Carter, and sister, Tasia Carter-Jackson, share their experience dealing with the ordeal. So, if you want to find out more, here’s what we know.

Who Are David Carter’s Father and Sister?

After David Carter didn’t show up to work for three days in a row, his friend and co-worker, Roger Davis, called Tasia Carter-Jackson to find out what happened. The sister hadn’t seen David since September 28, 2018, and went to his apartment with her husband. Tasia said, “His car was here. I was here. The house was unlocked, and he would definitely never leave his house unlocked. Never.”

Tasia stated that David was conscious about his security and generally kept things neat, so it was unusual for his house to be that way. In the bedroom, the bed was messy, and they noticed a red stain on the carpet and the mattress. As per the show, the bed appeared to be moved to hide the carpet stain. Elton, the father, also noticed a bullet hole in the closet door and quickly realized the room could be a crime scene. So, he asked everyone to leave, and they immediately called the police.

The family soon learned what terrible fate befell David. His dismembered remains were found along a highway between October 1 and October 16, 2018. David’s lower torso and legs were discovered in a sleeping bag, followed by his head in a duffel bag and the rest of his body in a suitcase. Tasia said at the time, “When they said they found him, I didn’t know the degree.” But when she learned of the state of the remains, she realized how bad it was.

The authorities suspected David’s girlfriend at the time, Tamera “Tammy” Williams, of being involved with the murder. However, she fled the city sometime in October 2018. On the show, Tasia mentioned that she believed Tammy killed David when he was sleeping, possibly on September 29, 2018. The authorities noted that David was probably dismembered by a kitchen knife, meaning it wouldn’t have been easy.

David Carter’s Father and Sister Continue to Seek Justice for Him

The family has hoped for Tammy’s arrest, with Elton saying, “Tamera, you’re out there, you know us, you know what you’ve done – turn yourself in baby, you can’t keep running – sooner or later, law enforcement will find you- spare us and yourself and your family the grief of going through all of this, turn yourself in sweetheart.” He is a former military man, and from what we can tell, is retired and lives in Detroit, Michigan.

Tasia stated that Tammy’s arrest would bring the family some closure, adding, “Just help us turn her in. help us get justice. Not only for my brother but for my mother, who didn’t make it thus far to see it come to the forefront. I know she prayed many a night for it.” She is married to Derrick Jackson Jr., and they live in Lincoln Park, Michigan, with their children. Tasia is a licensed practical nurse and, in her free time, explores her creative side by decorating and modifying tumblers.

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