Where Are Erin Brockovich’s Ex-Husbands Now?

Born in Lawrence, Kansas, Erin Brockovich (née Pattee) is a paralegal and environmental activist who became a worldwide sensation in 2000 due to her story being the subject of ‘Erin Brockovich,’ starring Julia Roberts. The advocate then got pushed into the media, with several television shows chronicling her life and career as well. Thus, ABC’s ’20/20: The Real Rebel: The Erin Brockovich Story’ is no different. However, it does place a special focus on her personal experiences by highlighting her former relationships and children. So, we did a little sleuthing ourselves, and here is what we found out about her ex-husbands.

Who Are Erin Brokovich’s Ex-Husbands?

Erin Brockovich’s first marriage was to Shawn Brown, a house painter and decorator, whom she’d met after working as an assistant at a construction company in 1982. They married that same year and moved from California to Kansas, where they gladly welcomed two kids into their lives, Matthew and Katie. However, once Shawn’s profession took them to Reno, Nevada, in 1986, their relationship fell apart, leading to their divorce being finalized in 1987. That’s when he moved to Southern California while Erin continued to reside in Nevada with their children.

Fast-forwarding two years, in 1989, Erin met and married a stockbroker by the name of Steven Brockovich, with whom she’d worked in the city. As per a few reports, Mattew and Katie didn’t take to him, so their union was very short-lived. Just as Erin and Steven’s separation was finalized in 1990, though, she learned that she was pregnant with their first child — and her third — Elizabeth “Beth” Brockovich. Yet, as they’d already divorced, she received no alimony or child support payments.

After that, Erin met Jorg Halaby, who helped her relocate to Los Angeles. Once in Los Angeles, Jorg Lawrence Halaby introduced her to an attorney to help her file a lawsuit regarding the car accident she’d been just before leaving Reno. Although she lost the case, Erin managed to talk the lawyer into giving her a job, which ultimately led to her fame. Erin and Jorg had ended things between them without taking the next step by that point. With that said, Erin was still happy and content, having found a partner in actor and country musician Eric Ellis in 1999. But after almost 13 years, Eric filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

Where Are Erin Brockovich’s Ex-Husbands Now?

Erin Brockovich’s first husband, Shawn Brown, and her ex-boyfriend were both arrested in April 2000 and charged with felony extortion for trying to make around $300,000 from Erin and her lawyer and boss, Ed Masry. The charges against them were placed following a videotaped sting operation, where they were caught red-handed signing papers demanding money in exchange for not talking to reporters. They’d threatened to tell the media that Erin was a bad mother and that she’d had an affair, both of which she claims are false accusations. The prosecutors later dropped the case against them.

Therefore, from what we can tell, Shawn Brown currently lives a quiet and comfortable life away from the spotlight, all the while being in close touch with his children. As for Steven Brockovich, it appears as if he continues to reside in Reno, Nevada, where he serves as a highly successful financial adviser. Eric L. Ellis, on the other hand, known for his work on ‘Coming to America’ (1988), ‘Major Payne’ (1995), and ‘Showgirls’ (1995), still dwells in California, where he seems to be striving to continue with his career in the entertainment industry.

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